What to do with kids in Nice?


Discover new ideas to keep your kids in Nice

Whether it's during school holidays, as tourists, weekend or even every day after school, parents often wonder how to occupy their children so both fun and interesting. In Nice, there are several leisure centers, theme parks or other outdoor activities or covered to delight the whole family, especially as this city has been labeled "family more."

In Kahina

An original idea that will make people happy. This dance club offers belly dance classes suited to adults but also to children. Regular activity that will occupy your kids once or more in the week.

Canyon Forest

This huge amusement park in a choice site offers many and varied activities. Among others, children and parents can not resist climbing courses, tree climbing, sledding or jungle giant zip. Depending on the chosen activities, the park suitable for all ages of the family.

Nice Archeology Museum

This impressive museum can offer your children a trip both fun and cultural. It is located in the beautiful site of Cimiez in Nice. opportunity we have to deal with family themes and monuments such as the amphitheater, amphitheater, public baths and paved streets. A real historic journey to share.

The Matisse Museum

Another Nice exceptional museum is the Matisse Museum housed in the heart of the olive gardens of Cimiez and provides an excellent opportunity to introduce our children to art and painting in a magical setting. It reveals all the works of the famous painter.

The Botanical Garden

Nice botanical garden includes a multitude of species to discover but also an ideal place for family walks. We can also take a real breath of air and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Alps. Children are often very curious about nature and ask about the diversity of the flora they will take pleasure in contemplating and with which they can become familiar.

The Cape Trail Nice

This course beachfront with magnificent ride and view breathtaking is easily accessible for children. Initially the Parc Vigier, we take the boulevard to Pilatte garden Felix Rainaud. This is where the view is the more improbable. We will also take to organize a picnic with family.

From shopping in downtown

The very touristy downtown contain many of the shops in town. Children will be delighted to stop taking a good burger and fries while strolling the beautiful streets of downtown and find small wonders to find.