What to do with children in Lyon? The activities to share with children in Lyon


Lyon is a city rich variety of activities for all the family and whether zoos, amusement parks, museums, tours, theaters or other, it is the ideal place to spend vacation with children or even to organize your Sunday outings. Even within the city is already close to many outdoor or indoor event ideas, but also around the city.

Zoo Lyon

This magnificent animal space housed within the famous and gigantic park right Or head downtown Lyon is here to the delight of children. He can play in front of hundreds of species of animals in cage or enclosure and also enjoy the park activities and beautiful expanses of grass.

Grand Lyon Aquarium

To visit family, fifty aquariums are open to the public with thousands of varied species of specimens that bring you into the mysterious world of ocean depths. Both entertaining and informative, children and parents will be pleased with this event.

Guignol Theater Museum

A symbol of art and culture, Lyon is full of museums, cinemas and theaters. This particularly fun for big and small museum immerses visitors in the world of Puppets with some 200 puppets 2000 costumes and magical sets.

African Museum

This cultural but also very entertaining museum is one of the most comprehensive in France dedicated to Africa. It will appeal my children through regular workshops reserved for them on the rites and traditions of African countries.

Bowling 8th district

Bowling is indeed the ideal place to spend pleasant moments with family and involve large as younger. It is also an ideal outing in bad weather because this hobby is practiced in a covered area. There are several bowling alleys in Lyon and especially the 8th arrondissement easily accessible.

Baraban rink

The rink is a fun sport and a popular activity for children of all ages. In Lyon itself there are several rinks open to the public one in the 2nd district and the large rink Baraban's 3rd district.

France Parc Aventures

The ropes or climbing in trees remains one of the favorite outdoor activities for many families from all over France. Lyon fortunate to have several of these parks in the surrounding area. There is no need to practice long distances to get to the park since France Adventures is in the same city, in the 5th district. Zip lines, bridges, nets and other attractions will not let a minute of respite to the children or their parents who have too hard to resist.