What to do in Zurich

Visite de Zurich

The first place to visit in Zurich will be the twin towers of Grossmunster. These monuments date from the 12th century and are the work of Charlemagne. A stunning architectural style. A little further, you can admire the Romanesque crypts. These bronze Munch and the stained glass Giaometti. Take a detour to St Peterskirche. It is a parish church with a clock of more than eight meters in diameter.

On the way to the museums of Zurich. It is the home of masterpieces knights and wooden sculptures of the Middle Ages. You will also find beautiful paintings by Picasso, Monet, etc. Swiss National Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in Zurich, you will have the chance to see the greatest masterpieces in Europe.

Zurich is also the most beautiful gardens in the world. Explore the Botanical welcoming more than 10,000 types of plants. Go to the zoo, with over 200 species of animals. Do not miss the visit of the great lake.

Walk the streets of the old city of Zurich. Direction Bahnhofstrasse, where you can do your shopping in the most exclusive boutiques in the city.

Do not forget to make a detour to one of Sprungli stores. An opportunity to regale you with an excellent dessert, flavors you have never savored far! More on: http://www.zuerich.com/fr/