What to do in Paris in August?


Walkabout in Paris Beaches

For over a decade the idea of ​​Paris Plages has become reality during the summer, Paris becomes seaside resort with sandy beaches and deckchairs in the heart of the capital! Two sites are built for the occasion, the George Pompidou expressway along the Seine and the Bassin de la Villette, in the 19th district. Summer after summer, Paris beaches attracts the world, holiday evil Parisians and tourists curious, glad to lie down for a moment in the sun, donning a jersey and feel the sand beneath their feet. Paris Plages takes place in midsummer, current starting July to finish towards the end of August for a period of about a month. Besides lounging on deck chairs, Paris Plages offers a host of activities on the sidelines of the event, activities, games, refreshment, and concerts. You can view the event program on the site Paris.fr. The summer season is favorable because Paris was depopulated by the Parisian holiday parties in other lands, traffic is less (which facilitates blocking banks of the Seine), and of course you always hope more sun this period! If calm prevails in Paris, this is not necessarily the case on its ephemeral beaches: Paris Plages is sometimes victim of its success, and those who hate to be squeezed in on the beach will take flight ...

Paris Quartier d'été: the summer shows across the capital

It's been over twenty years that the Paris Quartier d'été festival seeks to brighten the Parisian summer, roughly from mid-July to mid-August, throughout the city. With shows and performances scheduled each day and in different places, Paris Quartier d'été offers art and culture enthusiasts an opportunity to comfort to spend the summer in the city ... The festival is every year full of surprises, with among other festivities of dance, theater, music and street theater, from artists from around the world, some original ideas, representations around the capital etc ... and the best part about it is that most shows of Paris Quartier d'été are free, and when they are not, the prices are very affordable. You may need to book: you can consult the event program on the festival website, quartierdete.com .

Outdoor cinema at La Villette

A classic Parisian summers: installation in the park of La Villette (19th arrondissement), an open-air cinema at the end of July: the films are shown there regularly until late August. For the broadcast of the program, visit the site of La Villette (villette.com). A large grass flowerbed helps settle at ease to watch the film; arriving too late, we get great seats facing the canvas. It's enough to stay in the world, but beware, if you are too far, you may not hear (or have trouble reading the subtitles ...). Many took the opportunity to organize a picnic, until the session begins. If you are afraid of putting green in your summer clothes, chairs are available for rent. Otherwise, watch a movie outdoors at La Villette is completely free!

Climbing Fontainebleau

Did you know that the forest of Fontainebleau housed one of the most prestigious climbing sites in France? In August, the site in question stays away from excessive attendance: an opportunity for Parisians who want a change of scenery and get some exercise (other than jogging, please! ) to try or improve climbing. Several sites are spread throughout the forest. The large sandstone blocks have nothing vertiginous cliffs, but do not be deceived, some are very difficult to climb! Each circuit has a specific sign, a color corresponding to each difficulty level: it goes from child courses to the circuit for experienced climbers. Everyone should find his account, provided to carry a minimum of equipment ... In the aftermath, a walk in the forest of Fontainebleau does not hurt and a little picnic in a warm late aoutienne day ...

Petanque on the Ourcq Canal

From the first beautiful days, pétanque lovers meet on the pleasant banks of Ourcq Canal, in the 19th district. A popular and relaxed atmosphere then moved to the waterfront, picnics, pastis, rosé bottles (do not worry, there are even plans to urinals!) Accompany most players a ... summer atmosphere with a touch of southern spirit, that which does not harm the capital! If you fancy a game but you forget your balls at home, or simply if you do not, nothing is lost: the BarOurcq, nice little bar on the dock 68 Loire, praises anyone wishes of petanque balls, while chairs are available for spectators!

Bathing in outdoor pool

pools, it really exists in the four corners of Paris, but while with most of them, they still pale spring that when we came in, let others take some sun while bathing! These outdoor pools are so only for the summer term: rather than Paris Plage, where you get the sand but not swimming, why not spend your late afternoon to enjoy the ambient heat while offering a small dip? Six pools in Paris have large roofs and open-solarium beaches. Here is the list : -Swimming pool Roger le Gall (12th) pool roof open until late September. Address: 34, boulevard Carnot, Porte de Vincennes -Pool La Butte aux Cailles (13th): two outdoor pools! Address: 5, place Paul Verlaine, metro Place d'Italie -Pool Keller (15th): outdoor swimming pool. Address: 14, rue Engineer Keller, Charles Michels metro -Pool Auteuil (16th): Here, sun and greenery ... Address: Lakes road to Passy, ​​Bois de Boulogne, metro Ranelagh -Pool Hebert (18th): sunroof and glass facade, do not forget your swimsuit! Address: 2, rue des Fillettes, metro Marx Dormoy -Pool Vallerey Georges (20th) with solarium to sunbathe. Address: 148, avenue Gambetta, Porte des Lilas Metro

Walk in the parks of Paris

Sometimes it does not need to look far to find an hour to deal in Paris, especially in the month of August for some summer is mild, the sun is felt, then the first thing to do is stay out! To do this, the Parisian gardens offer something to walk around and laze in the sun for hours. The opening and closing hours extend to adapt to longer days, which also helps to linger a bit in the evening (for those who work in the summer ...), while attendance gardens is down compared to the rest of the year. This is the time of an advantage! Small selection: -The Luxembourg Gardens (5th): to the historic setting. -The Buttes Chaumont (19) to collapse on the grassy slopes. -The Parc de la Villette (19th): for many summer events. -The Parc de Belleville (19th) to the breathtaking view of Paris at sunset. -The Parc Monceau (8th): to see and be seen. -The Clichy-Batignolles park (17th) to occupy the younger .

The Rock en Seine festival in Paris

Grand Parisian music festival Rock en Seine was created in the idea of ​​bringing a scene rock the widest. Since then, the festival was a great success and reputation has grown steadily to the point of becoming an unmissable event of late summer in Paris. Rock en Seine takes place every year at the end of August, a few days: groups of different backgrounds representing rock trends follow each of the four festival stages. Everything happens in the park of Saint-Cloud, close to Paris. Rock en Seine attracted many followers, so better book seats a time in advance. Some day packages or packages for the entire festival, giving the right (extra) to a campsite to pitch his tent, different formulas exist. Reservations can be made on the festival website (rockenseine.com) or via the usual retailers. A good way to begin the season ending letting off steam a good shot ...