When healthy pace with travel. Must medical tourism destinations

The last few years a boom in medical tourism. The phenomenon has spread worldwide, Asia (Thailand and India), Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic) and North Africa (Tunisia Morocco) are engaged in this sector. Nearly 3 million tourists, mainly from rich countries travel each year in these countries to carry out medical procedures or cosmetic surgery.

The purpose of medical tourism is for patients to seek treatment cost in a foreign country, or seek treatment abroad that could not be treated at home. Cosmetic surgery is one of the most procedures performed during a medical trip (plastic and dental surgery), non / low support in France pushing people to go get lifter elsewhere, as in Tunisia, for example. Tunisia is currently the main destination for the French, respecting European standards and counting number of doctors whose diploma is recognized in Europe, Tunisia trust.

Hungary is also renowned for its dental surgeries, this small country is indeed a world leader in the field and enjoys advanced technology

Some countries in South America have also specialize in cosmetic surgery.: Brazil, Bolivia, and Costa Rica.

Thailand and India have specialized in organ transplants and open-heart surgeries.

There is evidence that french have more tendencies to go to the Maghreb countries to perform surgery. Just because-these countries are francophone.

The big problem of medical tourism is the lack of follow-up after surgery, it is difficult when the practitioner is thousands of kilometers. Inquire well on guarantees and legal remedies in case of complications.

For more security, you may want to go through a specialized agency that will guide you step by step, although this type of travel is not present in the catalogs of French travel agencies ...

Thus, some foreign tour operators offer packages that combine tourism and medical benefits.