Enjoy the sweetness of Nyons, the small Nice

In the town of Nyons, the sun is with go throughout the year, thus the city is ideal for holidays and rest. Stroll through the streets of Nyons allow you to discover a wealth of choice instead of the 14th century Arcades, the Romanesque bridge over the Eygues and mills of the 13th century open to visitors. The city of Nyons has a few hotels in the city center but its periphery enables a wider selection. In the area of ​​the city, renting a hotel room starts from 50 euros per night. Le Lion d'Or Buis-les-Baronnes is a two-star budget hotel in a classified site. The Mas des Tilleuls have very competitive prices with several advantages: the area is 25 hectares with outdoor pools, rooms have balconies and views of the Ventoux is magical. A bit out in Nyons, you can stay at Picholine on the Promenade de la Perrière. The environment is very nice for the three stars with triples.