Prepare her ski holidays: cheklist before leaving

Of all the holidays of the year, skiing holidays are certainly those that require the most preparation. We do not share skiing with a simple swimsuit and a pair of flip flops! The equipment, warm clothes, accessories ... to go in peace, here's a checklist to remember everything.

ski equipment

It is always possible to rent on site its equipment, or even better, in advance online.



-Shoes ski or snowboard boots

Ski -Bâtons

Ski equipment

Essential to the slopes and evolve in the snow:

Ski -Pants or combination

-Under underwear thermolactyls

-Under shirts thermolactyls


-Chaussettes in thick wool and rising

-Pulls wool turtleneck

polar -Good

waterproof winter -Veste

or -Bonnet hood

-Gloves or waterproof mitts

-Under-insulating gloves

-Echarpe or fleece collar

-After-ski boots or

Ski -Mask

-Lunettes sun

Solar -Crème

-Bag sealed back




If you go off piste particularly useful material.


-Compass (idem)


-Trousse Tool

detection -Balise

-Protection dorsal

First Aid

Always handy in case of sore.

Emergency -Trousse


-Pansements, bands


-Small scissors

-Pince tweezers

-Crème Lip / Stick



-Cover survival

Energy -Bars



-Médicaments and prescription if necessary


Because one does not spend all his time on either track.

or -Pants jeans






-Under underwear


-Shoes waterproof Gore-Tex-type


Evening -Habits if necessary


Toilet Affairs

At the hotel, some elements are provided, but not necessarily rental or tourist residence.

Toilet -Trousse

Nail -Scissors


-After conditioner

-Savon shower gel


hair and comb -Brosse

-Cotons rods

tooth -Brosse


shaving -Crème

-After Shave


-Maquillage and care creams

Bath -Towel

-Tampons, napkins

Paper -Mouchoirs


devices become inseparable companions:

Mobile -Telephone and charger

Video -Camera camera and charger

Protection -Cover

-Carte memory

-Adaptateur jacks (if abroad)



-Computer, tablet chargers

Other practical items

-épingles and sewing thread

Plastic -Bags

-balls ear and anti-light mask

Card -Video

-Calculatrice and alarm clock (on the phone now)

-Carnet notes


-Passport or ID

Photocopy of ID for loss

-Valid driving

-Tickets train / plane

-Booking and accommodation address

printed -Itinéraire

Road -Carte

-Carnet address and phone (or glitch postcard ...)

-Contact to oppose

-Contact its insurance

-Photo ID for the package

-Silver: credit card and / or liquid

What to do before heading

Remember two three important details before leaving your home.

-Chaînes for the car

-Tires snow

deicing -Product scraper and

-Checker the car battery

-Recharger appliances batteries

-Disconnect appliances

-Cut the gas

-Confier duplicate keys

-Check traffic conditions

-Check the weather snow and snow