Beaches of France

More beautiful beaches of France

In the Mediterranean, the Brittany coast through the Channel, France is home to many beaches and alone has 5500 km of coastline. It includes everything, from sandy beaches, rocky beaches, nudist beaches, equipped or wild beaches. For the benefit here is a selection of the best beaches in France:

Beaches of France on the Atlantic

The Atlantic coast is one of the most famous in France for its beaches and water sports destinations. Its coastline stretches hundreds of kilometers for swimming, surfing, boogie boarding, sailing, windsurfing, etc. Those of the Bordeaux side can go take a dip in the famous beach of Lacanau. With its vertiginous waves this beach especially attracts surfers. Lacanau beach stretches over 15 km and is all made of white sand, a boon to those who want to sunbathe. A little further from Bordeaux to Arcachon has not less than 7 km of beach to enjoy swimming, sunbathing and sun. Those who enjoy the lively beaches will delight the central beach, it is all dotted with shops, bars and restaurants. In an atmosphere a little more chic, you have the posh beach Mouleau. Go early, the beach is small enough so places are limited. The South beach and Lion Beach will appeal for their part to those who love the quiet frames away from the crowds and bustle. Those seeking an unusual setting shall not pass to coast beach of Pyla. Here you can swim in whose background the basin, the Banc d'Arguin and Cap-Ferrat, a resort not to be missed. Even further down the coast, we have the beaches of the Landes and the main beach of Biscarrosse, a paradise for surfers. On the Basque coast end the sandy beaches give way to the beaches dotted with rocks, such as the Grande Plage of Biarritz, which is located in the city center. Good swimming and the Atlantic you!

Beaches of France on the Mediterranean

The reputation of the Mediterranean Sea is more to do. Unlike the Atlantic Ocean, which is famous for its cold waters, the Mediterranean is known for its pleasant temperature and the calm of its waters. If you plan to spend your holiday in the Mediterranean for you to choose from in the south of France, in the Var in the Alpes Maritimes or in Corsica. If you do not make up your mind, make your choice according to the setting and atmosphere you want. If you want to alternate between calm and agitation part, prefer the beaches of the Var. You can find everything there: wild beaches, organized beaches, protected islands and resorts. In an atmosphere a little quieter than the Var, go in the Bouches-du-Rhône. From Marseille to Cassis through Estaque, Sausset-les-Pins or La Ciotat you can enjoy beaches in a Provencal atmosphere. And to enjoy an unusual setting do not miss the Creeks. They are located between Marseille and Cassis, you can access it from Callelongue Col de Sormiou, Port-Miou, etc. The Alpes-Maritimes please meanwhile holidaymakers seeking a festive atmosphere. It is to know that this is the department that attracts the most people. Vacationers come mainly spend their holidays on the French Riviera. If you also plan to lay anchor in the Alpes-Maritimes you can choose between the Mediterranean beaches of Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Menton, Monaco, Antibes-Juan-les-Pins from Cap d'Ail, Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat, etc. The department has a few nudist beaches such as beaches Pissarelles in Cap d'Ail and the range of the battery in Antibes. We can not speak to the beaches of France on the Mediterranean without mentioning the Corsican beaches. Indeed, beauty of the island is surrounded by beautiful beaches. If you are on the side of South Corsica you can go paddling in the waters Palombaggia, St. Cyprien, Santa Giulia or those Lavezzi Islands that lie between Bonifacio and Sardinia. In terms of the Upper Corsica to you the beautiful beaches of Calvi, Saleccia and Ile-Rousse.

More Beaches south

The South of France is rightly considered to be the area that houses the most beautiful beaches in the country. This is also the south that attracts the largest number of tourists in summer. It is home alone nearly 2000 km coastline of sandy beaches, including those of the French Riviera, from cove and sandy beaches which are mainly located in the Var. If you choose will cover the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, you can opt for the timeless Croisette in Cannes. It is one of the most popular beaches in France, we came across lots of beautiful people, mainly during the Cannes Film Festival. The beaches of the south and the beach red Mourre are also very famous in Cannes beaches. During the festivals of pyrotechnics you can attend from the beaches of Cannes in a beautiful show of fireworks. Those who chose instead Nice, they will be entitled to beautiful pebble beaches. These range all along the Bay of Angels from the city center of Nice to the airport. If we had to choose only one beach in Nice, it will without hesitation t

he public beach of Nice, is the most popular and most popular station. If you approach the crowd go your way! Both resorts Juan-les-Pins and Golfe Juan are ideal for family holidays, there are theme parks, entertainment for children and adults, and water sports centers. With its trendy beaches and all the jet set is found, St. Tropez could not not be part of the most beautiful beaches in the south. The resort has 6 beaches stretching over 11.3 km of coastline: Bouillabaisse (sandy beach at the entrance of Saint-Tropez), the Graniers (a beach in the wild look that is not far the marine cemetery), the Canoubiers (a beach rather busy with St Tropez) the Ponche and Fontanette (two beaches which form only, they are between the old tower and the Portalet tower), the beach Moutte and the Salines beach.

More beautiful beaches north

You've probably heard of the landing beaches, and if you are passing through northern France is the opportunity to discover them. It will be an opportunity to combine living discovery and enjoyment. These famous landing beaches which carry with them a very important transition in the history of France are: Utah Beach in the English Channel, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword Beach that are in the Calvados. Between swims you can explore the Normandy battle museum of the landing at Utah Beach, Museum of the Occupation in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, the Airborne Museum in Sainte-Mère-Eglise. If you are more festivals, films and celebrities as history of France Deauville you're going to like it. This resort is famous for its beaches and cabins wooden planks that allowed the time for women to be able to walk along the bay without soiling their dresses. During your stay in northern France, a trip to Etretat and its white cliffs is a must. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in France. Always on the Normandy coast, this time it takes you to Cabourg and its famous beach called Beach romantic, a nice corner for lovers. In Sainte Marguerite sur Mer, you will receive a rural setting. Its beaches attract many fishermen, then your fishing rods if that is your passion! The beaches of Nord-Pas-de-Calais have nothing to envy the Normandy beaches and it is certainly not the Oye beach that demonstrate the opposite. This beach has maintained a pristine appearance popular with vacationers. The range of Escardines Hemmes and range are also not to be missed. In foggy weather follow the passage of the boards planted in the sand and you will find your way. And to end your break in style did not miss Malo-les-Bains which is nicknamed the "Queen of the beaches of the North".

More beautiful beaches on the French Riviera

The French Riviera is not less than 120 km of beaches, enough to satisfy the most demanding. Failing to roam all here is a selection of the most beautiful and most visited of them: Beach Estagnol in Bormes-les-Mimosas, with its wild it well recalls the areas of the islands. It will appeal especially to those who seek a peaceful place away from the bustle of the tourist beaches. The beach of Camp Long in Saint-Raphaël: the name of this beach is deceptive, contrary to what he hints, this beach is relatively small: 150 meters, offering an intimate atmosphere. Whether you are jet-set atmosphere starlet sequin or just out of curiosity do not miss the famous Croisette Beach in Cannes. It is not to the beaches where you can bask in the sun and enjoy the quiet, but it is well worth a visit, if only for cross some celebrities especially in festival period. Nice and pebble beaches are also discovered. It is found throughout the Bay of Angels in organized beaches, all as populated as each other, and it's only happiness. To switch between wild and equipped beaches we recommend the Var beaches, such as the beaches of Saint-Raphael, Toulon, Bandol, Hyères and Saint-Tropez. Moreover, in the Var department has a few nudist beaches which range from the Battery in Antibes and beaches Pissarelles in Cap d'Ail. And we will not forget the beach of Agay English which was described by Guy de Maupassant as one of the most beautiful beaches of the French Riviera. This is a nice quiet place, its only downside is that it is impossible to find a place for his car, it will be necessary to park on the Corniche road.

More beautiful beaches in Corsica

Those who seek beautiful beaches of sight will have to Corsica. Indeed, beauty of the island is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, pebbles, organized beaches, isolated and wild. To you therefore to find the frame that you like. In Cape Corsica, there is a beach wearing the label Grand Site Picturesque, it is the Ostriconi beach, a beautiful white sand beach. We go down a little lower to Saint Florent and are the beaches of Saleccia and Loto. It is difficult to get there, in fact the two beaches are desired. The laziest can reach these beaches by boat from the port of Saint Florent. If you want to have the feeling of being on a deserted island, go towards Calvi and Ile Rousse, there are many secluded beaches including beach Bodri. Between Bonifacio and Ajaccio are also found almost deserted beaches that stretch along the bay of Roccapina. Here you can have fun contemplating the rocks and guess their forms. The Lavezzi Islands are not to be missed if you are on the side of Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio Crossings are scheduled throughout the day. Always on the side of Porto-Vecchio, you have the beautiful bay of Pinarello, it is home to sandy beaches. If you have forgotten your umbrella you can find some shade in the pine forests of umbrella pines.

More beautiful beaches in Brittany

The UK is one of the most stressed regions by tourists during the summer holidays. This attraction, the region is among others to its beautiful beaches. If you will choose the Finistère to deposit your luggage, remember this name: the Bay of Douarnenez. It contains a beautiful beach called Ris Beach. At low tide it is possible to contemplate the cliff caves. If you are a family, prefer the beach of Audierne, a nice lagoon to the bay. For lovers we recommend instead the beach Trez Bihan located Telgruc sea. This beach is uncrowded and because of its inconvenient access. Indeed, it is accessible only on foot. And if you prefer the lively and populated beaches, the beach of Trestel in Trévou-Tréguignec you will be filled. This beach is quite extensive, it covers no less than 500 meters. Here no fear, even the laggards will find a corner to put their towels. The beach of St Guirec located in Ploumanac'h offers for its holidaymakers a pretty wild atmosphere. Even the tourist least warned not fail to notice the bizarre shapes of the rocks that line the beach. And if for you, days at the beach with water sports rhyme, you'll find it at the beach Tréompan located in Lampaul Ploudalmézeau. This range is quite large, it is spread over more than 2 kilometers long.

Beaches for a family vacation

With over 5000 km of coastline, it is not the choice of beaches is lacking in France, but it will know which are suitable for families. First of all it is to know that when we share the beach with family and especially when accompanied by small children it is better to opt for a beach lifeguard and especially to respect the flags of swimming: the bright red flag means " bathing prohibition "and that because of the storm, high winds or big waves, sunset yellow flag means" dangerous but supervised swimming "and the green flag means" lifeguard and no special danger. " Regarding the choice of beaches, there are those that are deemed more than others for the beaches for families, you as an example: St. Jouin beach located 182 km from Paris in Seine-Maritime. This beach offers various sports and recreational activities for children such as reading as part of the event "Read on the beach," more than 1,000 books are available for children and adults. One can also enjoy the yacht, catamaran sailing, kayaking, windsurfing or fun board. St. Jouin beach is accessible to all, one finds tiralos that allow people with reduced mobility to go in the water. The Perros-Guirec commune in the Côte d'Armor is Labeled "Family Plus Sea", an award given to resorts that have joined an approach that favors friendly family. The town is home to three family beaches Trestraou, Saint-Guirec and Trestrignel, all suitable for family holidays. They contain various activities: space to practice skateboarding and roller skating, a children's center, a small carousel (Trestraou beach), a small port, miniature golf, etc. La Baule Beach is also one of the best beaches for family holidays. While parents enjoy the beach and sunbathing, children can practice sand yachting, try to water sport activities or ride a horse. At the beach of Mimizan-called "Pearl of the Côte d'Argent", children are kings, they have at their disposal a number of activities, entertainment and shows what good complement their days at the beach. They can participate in board manufacturing learning to sail or surf lessons.

Singles Beaches

The summer is a good opportunity for socializing especially if one is a heart to take, but for that you will put the odds on his side and go to a place frequented by singles and avoid beaches for families or for lovers. The beaches of St. Tropez are in the ranking of singles beaches. Being a posh and trendy destination, St Trop 'welcomes many young people including a large majority of free hearts, so stay tuned! Nice and Cannes are also two very conducive to meetings destinations. Indeed, being two Party Girls and lively destinations, they attract many young people. In Nice prefer beaches that are located on the Bay of Angels, those are the ones that attract the most people, avoid beaches just outside the city that are rather quiet corners for lovers. In Cannes beaches of downtown as the Croisette Beach are ideal for socializing. The beaches of Biarritz attracts surfers from around the world an opportunity to see the amazing body, and more if affinity. You will surely find something to Biarritz beaches of Miramar Beach, the main beach, the old port, the beach of Milady, etc.

Ranges for naturism

France is the European country that attracts the most adept of naturism. If you are one, here are some suggestions of beaches where you can practice your philosophy in peace: Cap d'Agde in the Hérault department is one of the most popular destinations for enthusiasts of the Mediterranean basin naturism. The village contains more than 2 km supervised beach, a marina, shopping centers, banks, bars, restaurants, various shops, etc. In Nord-Pas-de-Calais, there are also some nudist beaches officially authorized by bylaw: sandy beach Opal south of Le Touquet, Wissant beach and Marquenterre Domain beach. In Normandy, there are no less than 8 naturist beaches are: beach Redoubt Bay of Sallenelles, Meuvaines range (between Asnelles and Vers-sur-Mer) Beach of Bréville-sur-Mer, Saint beach -Germain-sur-Ay, beach Genets Dragey beach breakfast Ailly in Dieppe, beach camping linden and beach at Etretat Auberville. Brittany is also very conducive to naturism region as can testify his many nude beaches including: beach Lourtouais and beach Nantois Erquy, Porry beach Frehel, Beach Mez-An-Aod to Lanion, beach rosaries in Plerin, to name a few.

atypical ranges (the torch the one of the longest dune pila, rondinara in corse)

If you like atypical executives in France there are those places that leave everyone speechless. So enjoy your vacation to the beach to discover these unusual spots such as: The Torch, which is considered one of the longest beaches in Europe. It hosts several sporting events such as the cutting of surf Europe, the championship of France and others. Starting from April, the beach of the torch was stormed by fans of surfing, kite surfing and sand yachting. After one of the longest beaches in Europe, comes the turn of the highest dune in Europe there is the Dune du Pyla or the Dune Pila. This is a high sand dune over 110 m level of the sea. From the top of the dune can be seen throughout the Landes forest, the Banc d'Arguin and the Pyrenees when the sky is clear. And as they say is the best for last, so it is with the Rondinara beach in Corsica we chose to disembark. This beautiful beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in France and even Europe. It is not by chance that this beach is elected 3rd best beaches in Europe. Despite its location between Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio, two very tourist destinations in Corsica Rondinara beach has preserved its wildness to the delight of her guests. Good swimming and happy holidays!