Most beautiful Christmas markets in France

What are the most beautiful Christmas Markets in France?

On December 24, it's Christmas. For some time, the cities of France put on their clothes and light sparkle with a thousand lights at night. The markets settled in the busiest areas, marking the beginning of the end of year festivities.

Noel market in Strasbourg (Alsace) .

The best known of France, it attracts from the Middle Ages, millions of visitors a month. During this period, the whole city is alive with this market that stretches in all neighborhoods. Gingerbread, mulled wine, decorations and Christmas specialties are prepared by the Strasbourg for the event.

Christmas market in Colmar.

The city works hard to compete with Strasbourg. Since late November, 5 small markets settled on the illuminated places. The Little Venice turns into children's market, with toys and stuffed animals. See also: illumination and animation of the Old Town and its historic settings .

Christmas market in Colmar and PLOMBIERES .

These two cities have partnered to offer the thousands of visitors five thematic sites touching Christmas. There are stories for children, goblins, train, houses in buns, but also chalets putting Overseas honored.

Christmas market in MONTBELIARD .

Renowned for its architectural motifs, arches, pyramids and staged, fully illuminated. The city annually invites a different country to present the products of its soil. Treats, decorations, games for children are not forgotten.

Christmas Market AMIENS .

1 million visitors, 130 chalets, the Ferris wheel of 40 m., The ice rink, this market is the largest North Christmas market. The exhibitors come from all over France and other countries, bringing their handicrafts. For over a month, entertainment, mulled wine and hot cider, roasted pig, pancakes and waffles share the city.

Christmas market in PARIS. - DEFENSE

The largest of Paris, with 350 cabins and the building in light suit, it offers wide varieties of handmade gifts and food specialties from the French regions. It benefits the Champs Elysees neighborhood illuminated for the festivities end of the year.

Christmas market in Reims.

The market, consisting of 135 cottages, is more representative of gourmet products, handicrafts and festive. Champagne, jams, honey, local specialties, to the delight of visitors. Workshop and cottage where Santa Claus taste, sight and makeup are offered to children.

Christmas market AVIGNON .

For a month, about 60 chalets transmit traditional values ​​and family beliefs through nurseries, figurines, jewelry, candles, wooden toys, and following the "path of nurseries" that takes visitors from town to town. Gastronomy is represented with wines, nougat, candied fruit, gingerbread.

Christmas market in Nantes .

120 exhibitors in 80 cottages, the market is facing the area of ​​discovery and sharing, some cottages being intended for artists and craftsmen, creators of original objects and gifts. Others sell decorative items and local delicacies. Many shows and events punctuate the city.

Christmas Market TOULOUSE .

For a month, 120 chalets offer original gift ideas, toys, decoration, gourmet specialties, coming from France and other nations as well as musical and theatrical events.