Baja California Peninsula: A different Mexico in a real setting of Western


Between the Pacific and Sea of ​​Cortez, exuberant flora and fauna compete in beauty in one of the most beautiful natural aquariums in the world with Dantesque landscapes breathtaking, a virgin and preserved nature in an almost intact ecosystem, with as scenery, wilderness punctuated by huge monumental cacti and vertiginous canyons & hellip;
and that's not all & hellip; Baja California is also one of the highlights of appointment of gray whales and humpback, blue whales, whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, turtles & hellip; It has a ubiquitous desert and a unique wild flora in the world, countless pristine white beaches that take place hundreds of kilometers from north to south, and finally another curiosity, numerous islands and islets inhabited by numerous colonies of birds and sea lions basking on rocks & hellip;
even today, most of & ldquo , Baja & rdquo; (Baja California) remains a blank canvas for travelers seeking untamed spaces. It is probably one of the few places on the planet still privileged and so conducive to ecotourism.
Between sea and ocean, a long finger of deserts that clings to North America
Baja California, or & ldquo; & rdquo ;, Baja California is a 1300 km long peninsula located along the northwest coast of Mexico. Clinging to North America, it is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and to the east by the Sea of ​​Cortes, also known as the & ldquo; & rdquo Gulf of California ;. Its tapered shape stretches from the border with North American California to Los Cabos.
This long finger of land barely exceeds 230 km in width and not even reached 45 kilometers wide at its narrowest point. The peninsula has more than 3000 kilometers of coastline surrounded by nearly 50 islands, mostly in the Gulf of California are classified by Unesco.
Welcome World Heritage in Baja California, land of contrasts with a thousand faces !
Contradicting mass tourism, discover another face of Mexico, and live strong emotions in a unique setting and magical & hellip;
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Baja California, pearl of Mexico (Editions Privat) .An book profusely illustrated with maps and practical information to know everything about the peninsula
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