From Greece to Cheap


Greece attracts many visitors every year with its ancient archaeological sites, the beauty of its islands, its charming villages. To spend a weekend or a short stay in Greece, choose the capital, Athens. You can discover ancient Greece, focusing on Poleponnese. In the city of Epidaurus, Mystras, Mycenae, Sparta, Olympia ... you can find palaces and ancient cities. Going up the Peloponnese, you can find the magnificent archaeological site of Delphi. To enjoy the sea and sun of Greece, go to the islands such as Argo-Saronic Islands. There are several plans to go to Greece for cheap. But the most recommended is the trip by air. This is the most effective solution, the simplest and quickest to go to Greece. The plane tickets price varied according to the season. A ticket to / from Paris-Athens can be less than 80 euros, while it may also be up to more than 100 euros. The last minute offer is the most interesting way to get a cheaper airfare. You can benefit from to / from Paris only 33 euros.