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Turkey is easily grown to become unavoidable Mediterranean destinations, thanks to its climate, beaches, historic and natural sites, but even through the development of its resorts and hotels clubs, which host each year charter flights loaded with tourists eager litany of vacation, sun and relaxation. In the kind destination '' club '', Turkey arises here: we are not talking about Istanbul, or the amazing geology of Cappadocia, but the great resorts of the Turkish coast, where resorts n ' had no trouble grow. Turkey appears on all tour operators catalogs, which offer stays formulas taking mostly for part of the big clubs fully equipped with all the necessary to the happiness of the holiday makers. Bodrum and Antalya are thus the two bridgeheads of Turkish tourism resort, and if you peel the club accommodation offers on the internet, these two invariably return. Besides corners rather attractive, prices are attractive in all, perfect for a good week in the sun ... then, when from Turkey? In the month of May to October, the south coast enjoys an idyllic climate: the pleasures of the Mediterranean! As often, July-August is the peak tourist season (more people, the more expensive price also ...).

How to book a resort hotel in Turkey?

So here we enter the easiest part of the organization of holiday: just search on the internet via the hotel reservation sites or tour operators to discover an impressive range of stays offer club! The hard part will be to make a choice, but we will come back later. Consider first a recurring question: is it cheaper to book your resort hotel and then take a flight or make one stone by opting for formula all inclusive holiday? budget level, the choice is a priori quickly. Travel agencies that offer these formulas of stay negotiate prices directly with hotels, resorts, while they often chartered charter flights to the destinations not so easily accessible that this (including price) from France, such as Bodrum or Antalya. The calculation is simple: to go on a club in Turkey, it is better to stick to the offers of tour operators, simpler, presumably cheaper. So, it'll just skim the sites of travel agencies: all general tour operators offer plenty Turkey, its resorts and clubs. Prices, overall, are accessible, making Turkey an affordable destination (another reason for its success). Prices are volatile with the seasons, and frequent specials. On average, say a week in club 4 stars revolve around 500-700 euros, with some bargains below these rates and more upscale options, which costs more ...

How to enjoy the best price?

As we have seen, the prices of Turkish club stays tend to fluctuate depending on various factors, the season being one of the main ones. To help you dig a good deal, here are some tips from less expensive team: -Play on seasons and departure dates: from shifting in the high season (reminder: July-August) allows you to enjoy cheaper club stays (eg look at prices in October!). If possible, adjust the dates of your holiday. Similarly, prices of package holidays are changing from one date to another (from one week to another, for example), although check the price schedule to decide. -Book in advance / at the last minute: the more you do it, the sooner you're likely to find a good price to stay ... Prepare your holiday club in advance! Similarly, tour operators prefer to break their prices rather than letting off of half empty charter flights from Turkey ... at the last minute can be a paid bet (but it remains a challenge ...). -The specials on the internet: probably the best way to see prices fall, remain alert to specials regularly offered on the internet, with the booking sites (hotels, travel agencies). Bargains are still to be taken, provided to decide quickly. -Compare sites: while you're there, feel free to create competition between the aforementioned sites, comparing offers from several operators.

Tips for Choosing a resort hotel in Turkey

The offer is important, so you will have to make a choice. In case of last minute, there is not really hesitate, we jumped at the chance, and fate will do the rest ... but as long as you take you there in advance, then what to consider? twice to be sure of hitting the club that suits you best. At the hotel: -Equipment and comfort in all, the Turkish clubs are doing fairly well in comfort and amenities ... but the exceptions prove the rule, so be extra attention regarding your future club benefits. A resort hotel 5 stars in Bodrum is not the equivalent of a 5-star hotel in Paris! -The restoration: the all-inclusive formula is popular with Turkish clubs ... if you have to take all your meals at the hotel, it is better to pay attention to the quality of the kitchen! -The activities: which activities, excursions and activities are offered by the club? Is the theme rather festive, family? Are children welcome (some clubs are more geared adults ...)? Are facilities provided for them? -The location: the neighborhood, the distance to the main attractions, access or not at the beach, etc ... tourist presentations are readily approximate, so check for yourself! -The customer hotel reviews: they take an ever more important in the final decision of vacationers. It is of course necessary to sort, but customers think as a whole, are likely to be more objective than tourism promotion texts ... At the residence formula: -What is the quality of the resort included in the formula? A circuit or discoveries / sports outings, they are provided, or at least easily accessible? -The transfers to / from the airport are they included? -What insurance are included in the offer? What are those proposed surcharge? But also, what assurances enjoy you already subscribe before others? -Formula all inclusive (all inclusive): what is included and what is not? The contract description must be specific about it, so you do not be surprised by this or that supplement. -Dates and departure cities: what are the available dates, at what price? What cities from where you can go?

Clubs destinations in Turkey

Now that you are ready to leave the club in Turkey, it is unclear where exactly you want to go! The destinations '' club '' in Turkey are concentrated on the Aegean side and the south coast. Rich regions, besides the sea and beaches, also have a nice variety of natural and historical sites to explore. Enough to occupy his vacation week in short ... A tour of the great Turkish club destinations: -Bodrum: a benchmark for club stays! Bodrum has a festive reputation, with lively nights, but most vacationers '' family '' will also find their account. Between visits and historical sites, regional tours, water activities and other sports, outings, etc ... it will be difficult to spend the whole week beside the hotel pool (but not impossible ... ). -Antalya: the old town has retained its charms while a more modern and Antalya tourism has emerged much more recently of course. Result, tourists find enough to fill their vacation and tour operators offer all stays in Antalya. -Kemer: a few dozen kilometers south of Antalya, Kemer is particularly known aficionados of Club Med, where recent romp during stays lively. Other clubs offer more atmospheres ... family. -Izmir: great Turkish port on the Aegean coast, Izmir is not a simple resort but an active city. Some club stays are available to this destination. -Marmaris: near Bodrum, facing Rhodes (another destination famous club but Greek side this time), Marmaris is a popular seaside resort with English-speaking tourists, little present in the French tour operator catalogs

Stuff to provide for your club stay in Turkey:

-√Čvaluez much budget you will need for your holiday. Even in '' all inclusive '', everything is not included, unless to spend the week at the poolside sipping his drink ... Between recreation, sports, tours and excursions, Turkey destinations have much to offer. -Inutile you overload level clothing if you go between May and October: temperatures are warm, simply. Just remember that in some places, the outfits too bare (necklines, short shorts ...) are not always welcome. -Know few Turkish words always proves a little appreciable effort, but the tourist English speaking staff, especially in hotels clubs. The French, meanwhile, is much rarer ... -For out of the self-tourism between Turkish clubs hotels, do not hesitate to rent a vehicle to wander from your side, exploring facets more '' authentic '' of the country! -The noisy environments a strand of some hotels, clubs will appeal to everyone ... do not go blindly if it's not your cup of tea!