Go on a club in Greece

Next holiday in Greece

If Greece is known as the cradle of Western civilization, today it is more famous for the multiplication of its chairs, which bloom every summer on many beaches of the country. Greece is a tourist destination of the first order in Europe, and the reasons are not hard to understand: the Mediterranean sea, an abundance of sunshine, historic sites, exciting culture, and all the confetti of islands that s' add to mainland Greece, many small paradise for tourists! Tourism professionals are obviously not deceived them: the great hotels, clubs have proliferated in Greece, and with them increasingly attractive accommodation offers in terms of price. In addition, Greece has several key destinations, different from each other, such as the Cyclades, Crete and Corfu, we can get there every year while retaining the impression to discover a brand new resort ! Therefore, the question arises: when going on holiday in Greece? With its generous Mediterranean climate, the country enjoys pleasant temperatures and dry conditions in the spring, conditions that continue late into the off-season. Roughly speaking, Greece is ideal in May-June and September-October. July and August is the peak tourist season (especially August, the Greeks themselves are also on vacation), and strong demand logically leads to higher prices ...

How to book a resort hotel in Greece?

On any hotel reservation site, you will find a slew of Greek hotels clubs for your next vacation. It will then be interested in the ticket, or simply make one stone by turning to all-inclusive holidays offered by tour operators. Since the going on holiday club, this solution is far more profitable in terms of budget: a flight + booking a resort hotel separately almost always more expensive than opting for a stay all inclusive (minimum flight + hotel). By searching on the internet you will soon realize that stays in Greece are a rare commodity: all major tour operators in general offer, as well as some specialized travel agencies in Greece. Competition drives down prices it seems, then what about these days? According to the dates and the tourist season, prices for club stays vary: on average, expect 600 to 800 euros for a week in a 3 or 4 star hotel (the Greek classification has its weaknesses as we will see later). Cheapest deals revolve around 500-600 euros per week. With a destination like Greece, specials and discounts on club stays abound: it must sell the stock!

How to enjoy the best price?

The budget issue is obviously paramount when it comes to choose its future hotel. Hotels clubs in Greece may not be very cheap, because it quickly in between classes 4 stars with many amenities, justifiants high prices. The accommodation offers all inclusive soften the note because the rates are negotiated directly by the tour operator with the hotel. Then it's up to you to get yourself the best possible prices: -Play on seasons and dates: a hotel raises or lowers its prices according to its forecasts ... from filling in shifting the peak tourist season allows you to enjoy less expensive rooms. Adjust if possible dates for your holiday! Similarly, prices of package holidays are changing from one date to another, make sure the price calendar. -Book in advance / at the last minute: the more you do it, the sooner you're lucky to find a room at a good price: prepare your holidays in advance! Similarly, a hotel may lower its prices at the last minute rather than keeping empty rooms ... the last minute, it also works, but runs the risk of not finding what you need. -The coupon sites: probably the best way to see prices fall, remain alert to specials regularly offered on booking sites (hotels, travel agencies). Bargains are still to be taken. -Compare sites of travel agencies: please allow competition by comparing offers from several travel sites hotels or travel agencies.

Tips for Choosing a resort hotel

Beyond the price of your resort hotel or residence in which it is included, the quality of the latter is also important for the success of your holidays; it is still about where you put your feet before you go! In Greece, the quality of hotels clubs is mixed: good addresses coexist in others less good, the outdated facilities and poorly maintained exist, like all shiny new clubs. In short, some tips are always good to take to choose a resort hotel and package tour. At the hotel: -Equipment and comfort: 4 stars in Greece are not always worth 4 stars in France, and many clubs appear shamelessly high ranking. Similarly bother much detail the various hotel amenities but also rooms with the level of comfort induced: Unfortunately, the comfort of some dingy establishments is poor ... -The restoration: as long as you find yourself half board or worse, all inclusive, it is better for you than what we serve you food is edible ...! Greek cuisine is simple and fast tasty, but some cropping clubs all costs do not hesitate to use the poor quality food ... -The activities: which activities are offered by the club? What is the theme? Are children welcome? What is planned for the latter? -The location: the blurbs are rarely very specific as to the exact situation ... check out this information so as not to find yourself in a resort hotel in the no man's land, 8 kilometers from the least beach! -The customer opinion: holidaymakers use them more and more attention, and they are right. Better to sort, but customers took notice generally are always goals that promote tourism texts ... At the residence formula: -What is the quality of the resort included? -The transfers to / from the airport are they included? -What insurance are included in the offer? What are those proposed surcharge? But also, what assurances enjoy you already subscribe before others? -Formula all inclusive: what is included and what is not? The contract description must be specific about it. -Dates and departure cities: what are the available dates, at what price? What departure cities available more convenient for you?

The 5 best resort hotel destinations in Greece

Many corners in Greece have hotels and clubs are found in travel agency catalogs, but no more frequently than the following five: -Santorin: the most famous island of the Cyclades, certainly one of the most spectacular, but also one of the most tourist, Santorini deserves superlatives. Some hotels clubs have grown on the island, like 3-4 stars with swimming pool. -Corfou: the side of the Ionian islands, the Venetian influences are strongly felt. Natural riches of Corfu and adds architectural beauty. A week is not too much to go around the island. -The Crete: Many hotels clubs all along the north shore of long island several hundred kilometers. Due to the large distances, pay close attention to the situation of your future hotel ... -Mykonos: famous festive, Mykonos is up to the task, but also contains a natural heritage to be discovered. For party animals, but not only so. -Rhodes: hotels clubs ended up disfiguring some coastlines of Rhodes, but the island remains under a rich history, beautiful beaches and some vestiges .

Stuff expected to stay in club

Despite the formulas '' inclusive '' that greatly simplify the task level organization, you can not leave without providing anything in Greece. So before you go: -Évaluez much budget you will need for your holiday. The price of a resort hotel despite all that it can encompass, does not include everything! The visits, excursions, etc ... represent additional spending (less than spend the week at the pool ...). -among these expenses, remember that renting a vehicle (a car, a scooter, a bike) is often more convenient in Greece, especially for getting around the islands (where most clubs are located). -It would be a shame to miss Greek taverns and their dishes as simple as ... the good value is usually excellent! Even all inclusive, it is worth it to provide a small restaurant budget. bath -Maillot, sunglasses, sunscreen and even diving mask are almost essential utensils for every Greek experience. -Some Greek vocabulary words are always welcome, even if everyone speaks English clubs in the country (French is rarer)

From Greek club or not? The contraindications.

In many cases, all inclusive stays deals for Greece have attractive prices, especially in case of specials. However, going on holiday in hotel club will not please everyone, so before you decide, let's review the reasons for your trip otherwise: -High season in Greece is truly a season-high ... a lot of people around tourist areas! -The hotel-clubs are not always architectural achievements, and some resorts do not go dead issue concreting hand and attractions' tourist trap ''. -Attention quality, some hotels, clubs do not new and the quality of services, equipment, or the situation is not always up to par. -There are many other hosting solutions in Greece (pensions, condos, and even campsites), probably less convenient in some ways, but whose charm is not easily replicable by the great modern facilities. -The archi-tourist atmosphere and a flashy bit of some hotels, clubs will appeal to everyone ... to do according to your taste!