From club in Mexico

Le Mexique en un clin d'oeil

Hotels clubs and stays in Mexico

Mexico has become ubiquitous in travel agency catalogs. Some regions of this vast country, serving as a transition between North America and Central America, occupying tropical latitudes, with beaches '' dream '', heat and sun: it was enough for more seed implement the idea of ​​great hotels-clubs there, to welcome countless vacationers! The most emblematic area of ​​mass tourism matters Mexico remains the Yucatan peninsula this great bathed in clear waters of the Caribbean Sea ... enough to thrill lovers of relaxation on the beach, coconut in support! As for French tour operators, the Yucatan is by far the most in this region the package resort offers. Let's focus on this region therefore has many hotels, clubs for your next vacation. Here, the best time to stay in the sun stretches roughly from December to April, when the weather is set fair. Make no mistake, it is hot all year in Yucatan, but during the rainy season (corresponding to the summer home), the risk of showers, and worse, hurricanes are a real threat. However, the clubs also host tourists during this period: from low season has not only disadvantages ...

How to book a resort hotel in Mexico?

Mexico has grown to become a major tourist destination (between European and American attendance, it makes the world), clubs, hotels are not in short supply. With a little research on the internet you will soon find an offer that suits you. To go on a club in Mexico, the package resort formulas tour operators seem the most attractive solution. Consider instead: a flight to Mexico (Cancun say) averages around 800 euros return. Now it is possible to dig a stay of one week club around the same price, but the flight plus a club room 4 star! Tour operators are negotiating directly impact prices with hotels, they also chartered charter flights to transport their customers, enabling them to offer competitive rates! Therefore, if you are targeting a Mexican club, peel accommodation offers all inclusive at the various sites of travel agencies. Count 800 euros for a week (type 9 days / 7 nights, including theft), prices then climb into the 1000-1500 euro depending on the standing of the club, but offers exist in Euros 500-600!

How to enjoy the best price?

First resolution thus: go through a tour operator to enjoy a stay offer packaged. Club, theft, common formula inclusive, budget questions, you are guaranteed to achieve good operation. But for that matter, so grab a club room at the best possible price ... tips: -The specials on the internet: they are frequent, and when they fall, the price differences can be substantial. Stay alert to specials offered on the main tour sites, bargains are to enter with Mexico. -Compare sites: make play competition, do not focus your search on a single site, but rather compare offers from several travel agencies. -Play on seasons and departure dates: the mechanism of supply and demand in full swing, in low season, tourists are scarce and the price clubs revised downwards. Some prefer to pay less, even starting in the rainy season. Wherever possible, adjust the dates of your vacation to the tourist seasons. Similarly, prices of package holidays are changing from one date to another (from one week to another, for example), although check the price schedule to decide. -Book in advance / at the last minute: the more you do it, the sooner you're likely to find a good price to stay ... start your research in advance! Similarly, tour operators prefer to sell off their stays club to refuel ... hence the last minute specials! From Mexico on a whim, that which has the look.

Tips for Choosing a resort hotel in Mexico

Faced with an important offer, it is not always easy to choose, especially when the price differences stand in a handkerchief ... more, all Mexican clubs-hotels are not equal, some cater to a specific clientele, offers some excellent services, others much worse: it is open eye before the first book came club! At the hotel: -The equipment: in the Mexican clubs, the list of equipment available is simply amazing (pool, club, bars, golf, spa, etc, etc ...) These large complexes are small tourist worlds on their own. . Check that the equipment is level and the comfort of the rooms, the layout of the hotel, etc ... in the end, the number of stars displayed by the club seems secondary. -The restoration: the all inclusive formula is common in Mexican clubs. With your bracelet, you can attack the buffet and cocktails at any hour of the day ... to avoid indigestion, better than the kitchen of the club is level. -The activities: an important point, since this is what really sets a club of a classic hotel. What are the sports, leisure, entertainment, parties, excursions, etc, etc ... offered by the resort? Are children welcome? What is the theme of the hotel (some resorts are more oriented families, others for adults, do not accept children!)? -The location: in general, hotels clubs are grouped in clusters, forming a sea outgrowth outskirts of cities. Warning, some tourist areas are vast, make sure the location of your hotel. -The customer hotel reviews: taking care of sorting, customers view as a whole, are valuable to unravel truth from falsehood tourism promotion texts, and to illuminate the points raised above . At the residence formula: -What is the quality of the resort included in the formula? A circuit or discoveries / sports outings they are included in the price? -The transfers to / from the airport are they included? -What insurance are included in the offer? What are those proposed surcharge? But also, what assurances enjoy you already subscribe before others? -The formulas inclusive: what is included and what is not? The contract description must be specific about it, so you do not be surprised by this or that supplement. -Dates and departure cities: what are the available dates, at what price? What cities from where you can go?

Destinations '' club '' in Mexico

While there are other clubs destinations in Mexico, those that are found in French tour operators are mainly concentrated on the Yucatan region, southeast of Mexico. A logical choice because the resorts are not what missing in the area. Small tour of Mexican destinations most frequently offered: -Cancun: outskirts of the city are concentrated many clubs, competing with each other to win the favor of tourists. It is quite possible to spend all his time in his club in Cancun, without ever leaving everything planned! Some expeditions seem however essential in the area: en Itza, the most famous Mayan sites, Tulum beachfront or Coba jungle are all exceptional archaeological sites accessible by car. Similarly, diving and snorkeling are queens activities in Cancun: a photo of Islas Mujeres spot should be enough to convince you. -Playa del Carmen This resort is located about 80 kilometers south of Cancun, before which she was not ashamed towering clubs level. The difference between the two is only minimal: the clear water, fine sand beaches, excursions and most activities are exactly the same (diving, water sports, relaxing, classical!). Note that the diving spots of the island of Cozumel are right in front of Playa del Carmen, a little further off. -Puertos Aventuras, Playa Paraiso, Puerto Morelos ...: many resorts smaller, but all located in the outskirts of Playa del Carmen. In other words, almost all the same level of conditions of stay. -Tulum: a little more south from Playa del Carmen, Tulum is famous for its Mayan site, but also has in its vicinity several hotels clubs offered in all inclusive holidays .

Stuff to provide for your club stay in Mexico:

-Évaluez much budget you will need for your holiday. An all-inclusive package allows lazing on a deckchair by sustentant unlimited buffet, but it would be a shame to reduce his Mexican stay in this plan ... since the additional cost! -level languages, if you have studied Spanish, you will have no problem communicating. The tourism staff speaks mostly English, especially in hotels clubs. If you only speak French ... pack a language dictionary with you! -In the resorts, no problem security level, but on excursions without sinking into paranoia, do not wear too obvious external signs of wealth ... attention to the flights, especially in town! -The cost of living in Mexico is far less than what is done in France ... no need to tighten their belts in a restaurant for example! If the heart tells you, feel free to leave the comfortable but overrated your resort hotel to discover Mexico at an angle more '' authentic ''.