Go on an adventure in the Amazon rainforest

Located in the south American, the Amazon rainforest, with a vast magnificent wildlife and a huge splendid flora, invites you to discover the deepest secrets of her during a memorable voyage of discovery. Initially to Inda Cusco, discover the Chullpas Ninmarca well as the graves of Lupacas, residing on the banks of the road leading to Paucartambo tacked to Punta. Here you will be surprised by the varied wildlife of the village, between rodents like the Vizcacha and predators such as the Andean fox also puma. Before reaching Cusco, stop deep in the vast jungle to admire the famous cock of the rock also called Gallito. The adventure continues to the bridge of Atalaya, where you can admire the most beautiful plants in the world, a stunning natural landscape. You can also calm your hunger beside the bridge before continuing your exploration, until the night where you get the opportunity to discover tapirs. This is a rare mammal, weighing up to three hundred kilograms generally hunted for its skin, which is selling very chér. Next stop in Casa Matsigenka, where you will have to borrow a catamaran for a ride off of Lake Cocha Salvador between river otters, always in search of insects and frogs, to prepare their favorite menu. Walking through the rainforest you will admire the Kwata or spider monkeys, flying over the trees with their prehensile tail, qualified fifth hand. A little further, you'll come across the path of the famous Huanganas, also known as wild pigs. Day by day you will be even more impressed by what you discover during your adventure in the Amazon forest, turtles and caimans in Blanquillo to hundreds of parrots and parakeets to Yanayaco not forget to go through the famous cloud forest .