Paris, an exceptional stay in the most romantic city in the world


The unique atmosphere of the capital, fabulous historical monuments and cultural centers, the beauty of its architecture make Paris the city that receives the most tourists in the world. City of Lights, Paris is also the ideal place for romantic wandering in the many gardens and squares. Because of its great tourist development, Paris has a very impressive capacity: it is also a city of luxurious hotels established on the famous square of the town. However, with some good places, you can find accommodation from 50 most prestigious euros.Pour, the InterContinental is a five star hotel near the Garnier station. Hotel Elysees Mermoz is established in a four star close to the Champs Elysées. In the same area, you also have the Chambigues and Mathurin. The Adagio Porte de Versailles has an incredible view of the city and the Seine, and an indoor pool. The best rates are near the Gare du Nord to the hotel Victory Galou or the Hipotel Paris Belleville. We must see Hostel Richard near the Republic Square.