Paris beach


The concept Paris Plages

It was in 2002 that the idea of ​​Paris Plages has become reality for the first time: this is more than a decade as it lasts! And we are not talking of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, this pretty busy Picardy seaside resort of Parisians, but to sandy beaches in the heart of Paris along the Seine (although They say Paris Plages after a legal dispute between Paris City hall and the town of Le Touquet! No need to go into details). After more than 10 years of existence, the concept is a success: Paris Plages attracts the world, the chairs and the sand used to lengthen a moment in the sun for those who do not have the opportunity to go on board sea, or for nostalgic tourists from their last stay! From Paris Plages has been emulated, and the idea was taken up in other French cities like Toulouse and Metz, but also of European capitals, Budapest, Berlin, etc ... Paris Plages is a logical place in summer: in 2012 for example, the event will take place from 20 July to 19 August. Every year, Paris Plage lasts about 1 months; dates are pretty much similar. The summer season is favorable because Paris was depopulated by holiday parties in other lands, traffic is less (which facilitates blocking banks of the Seine), and of course you always hope more sunlight at this time

Where to place Paris Plages?

The event Paris Plages encompasses several sites in Paris: -The Pompidou way: almost 800 meters long all the same, the banks of the Seine are blocked to traffic for the development of the beach. This space corresponds to the right bank of the Seine, the Pont Neuf to the square of the City Hall Sully (along the 1st and 4th arrondissements). This is the main section of Paris Plages. Many sites '' unavoidable '' are present in the area, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Hotel de Ville, the Marais and Ile Saint-Louis, for example ... if you're visiting, take your towel in case! -The Bassin de la Villette: probably nicer than the banks of the Seine, the Bassin de la Villette, dock side of the Seine and Quai de Loire, is himself also invested by Paris Plages. For those who do not know Paris, the site is located in the north of Paris 19th arrondissement, with a close friendly garden Villette (grass, picnic, but City of Science and City of Music) but also a cinema and several bars and terraces to enjoy a drink. Access to the pool by Stalingrad metro and Jaures.

The animations of Paris Plage

Two sites to discover, therefore, one in the heart of the capital, the other a bit out but no less pleasant, far from it. Paris Plages is not only down to tons of sand deposited on the docks, a series of events surrounding the protest. There is therefore the relaxation lounger-party activity Queen of Paris Plages (sunbeds become a highly sought after commodity by now), and for those who need care otherwise, here are some suggestions: -For little heat is at the rendezvous, refreshment stands are planned throughout the course. -From side of the Villette basin, bowls back into fashion in the first fine days. Paris Plages is just another excuse to go play. petanque courts are also provided on the Seine. -There is not as petanque when we play in Paris Beaches: the table football, mini-golf and even mountain biking are other more or less present in sports festivities program. -A good point for the Bassin de la Villette, where it will be given you to enjoy the water: boats, canoeing, pedal or 'tube Rollers'' (we'll let you discover what it is) you can you venture out on the calm waters of the basin, in true landlubbers. -In many small concerts take place around Paris Plages, just to enjoy the sand music. -A such, every year in the second half of July, the Fnac Live festival is held on the steps of City Hall. The stage hosts some big names, programming is worth to be consulted, and all the more so that all concerts are free!

Paris Plage against

Paris Plages is far from unanimous, there are those who love and those who hate. For tourists visiting, Paris Plages has to be a curiosity over which we linger a while before returning to the things (really) serious. For others, who want to spend their afternoon lie in the sun and feet in the sand, do not expect the paradise ... Paris Plages is a very special beach! Among the detractors, the same arguments back loop; the bad Paris Plages will certainly have a crippling effect on the most convinced sunbathers: -Paris Beaches attracts the world, many people. Many, many people some weekends ... in short, the big downside with Paris Plages is ... the world. The influx is such that some days you find yourself stomping along the Seine, with no possibility to leave the bitumen to win a sandbox centimeter ... Tolerance to the crowd varies among individuals; yours will be put to the test! -The beach without water, it's a little sad. Unable to wade into the Seine in any way. So it will not be necessary to dry your swimsuit. Fortunately, the various craft of the Villette basin gives the opportunity to take a ride on the water. -For that rolls in Paris, time of Paris Plages is renowned for its resurgence caps ... use public transport! Despite all this, Paris beaches is renewed every year, and the crowd that it release is also a sign of success: go directly to get an idea !