Paris by car, know


Getting around Paris by car

Road traffic is very dense and often difficult despite the wide avenues traced by Haussmann, the city of Paris is European champion congestion.
Parking in Paris is also very difficult and very expensive (paid in all streets). In short really not a good idea to use a car in Paris, especially if you come from province and you do not have a residence permit for parking.

The Paris ring

Paris is surrounded by a ring road, the ring road, the most borrowed expressway Europe. 35.04 km along the ring road is largely located on the route of the old fortifications of the city of Paris.
Despite his four lanes in each direction traffic jams are common.
The speed is limited to 80 km / h Device of one of the features is that the vehicles are engaged in it priority over those that are already there, unlike priority rules usually on highways.
Each of the two roads have a specific name in order to identify the inside device 'which is closest to the center of Paris, and the external device 'which is the closest in the Paris suburbs
Eight speed cameras are installed on the device, four on the inner ring. Sevres door, door Champerret, Porte de Bagnolet and quai d'Ivry and four on the outer peripheral Châtillon door, Porte de Clichy, Porte de Pantin and Porte d'Auteuil .

The four major ring roads around Paris

In addition to the ring road there are four other major ring road surrounding Paris.
-The boulevards of the Marshals
Located inside of Paris, the boulevards of the Marshals surround paris about a hundred meters from the ring. This is not a fast track, speed is limited to 50 km, there are crossings and lights.
Some of these avenues is traveled by tram line 3, said Maréchaux tramway, Garigliano bridge at the door of the chapel.
separate bus lanes and a bike path on the sidewalk were also developed.
-The large bypass Paris
A set of roads and highways that avoid the entire Paris region.
-N154 (Artenay - Chartres - Dreux - Evreux, then A154 - Val-de-Reuil)
-A13 (Val-de-Reuil - Rouen)
-N77 (Troyes - Auxerre)
-N151 (Auxerre - Bourges) -A71
(Bourges - Vierzon) -A85
(Vierzon - Saint-Aignan - Tours) -A28
(Tours - Le Mans - Alençon - Rouen)
-N31 (Rouen - Beauvais - Reims) -A26
(Reims - Troyes) -A28
(Rouen - Neufchâtel-en-Bray) -A29
(Neufchatel -en-Bray - Amiens - St Quentin) -A26
(Saint-Quentin - Reims - Troyes)
-A 5 (Troyes - Sens) -A19
(Sens - Artenay)
-L'autoroute A86
This highway is a complete loop around Paris at a distance of 2 to 7 kilometers, it passes mainly through Antony, Créteil, Nogent-sur-Marne . Bobigny, Saint-Denis, Nanterre and Versailles
Its size is 2 & times; 2-2 & times; 4-way, according to sections
-The Francilienne
. a set of roads and highways that will eventually all around Paris to u does distance of about 20 km
Francilienne currently consists of:
-N184, Cergy to Villiers-Adam;
-N104, Villiers-Adam spied-lès-Louvres.
-A1, of Épiais-lès-Louvres Gonesse
-A104, Gonesse Croissy-Beaubourg
-A4, Croissy-Beaubourg Lognes;
- N104, Lognes in Marcoussis.

Car sharing in Paris

Car-sharing is a practical and economic solution for your urban travel. It allows these users to use the same vehicle timeshare, with possibility to rent by the hour, and sometimes even less, pricing is per kilometer, the reservation period is very short.
24 hours on 24 and 7 days out of 7, you can borrow a car by making a simple reservation by phone, SMS or Internet.
No more parking problems with Autoportage, stations are at your permanently available
on Paris.

On Marseille:
Lille: www.lilas-carsharing. com
On Bordeaux:
On Montpellier:
On Grenoble:

Carpooling in Paris

With the rising price of gasoline, carpooling has become increasingly popular. For smaller budgets it has become an ideal way to travel whether for long or short distances.
Carpooling also helps to meet people and to reduce traffic and therefore pollution, traffic jams and road accidents.
What happens to those who have never heard of carpooling ...
a driver offers to share his car with other passengers for a ride (or a portion ride) it must itself perform, so the date and time he decided.
Generally, the starting point determined in advance, is the same for everyone.
arrival, the driver files passengers where itself stops, or the place that everyone wants, by not making a big detour. The costs are then divided by the number of passengers.
With the emergence of many Internet sites dedicated to carpooling, it became very easy to book a place in a car or offer seats in your vehicle.
account is in France more than 70 sites carpooling and many sites offering free classifieds a carpool heading
The main sites in France.

Autolib in Paris

Autolib 'is the electric car service self-service in Paris and its suburbs. Eventually we should find more than 3000 cars on 1,100 stations in Paris and 46 other cities of Ile-de-France.
The vehicle chosen for Autolib 'is Bluecar, an electric car produced by the company Batscap , a subsidiary of the Bolloré group. Autonomy announced is 250 km in the urban route, with an average refill performed in 4 hours.
Bluecar is a vehicle with three doors and four seats, which requires the possession of a driving license. The vehicle has a GPS with ability to view the number of places available in the stations Autolib ', and create a route to the destination station.
Autolib 'stations have four to six parking spaces. Each is equipped with a charging station and each station has a terminal for including choose and book his arrival station.
Some stations are equipped with a booth agent of this service every daily from 8 am to 20 pm, particularly to welcome the public, conduct registration and issue subscription cards.

Parking in Paris

Find a place in Paris is extremely difficult and expensive, not really a good idea to use a car in Paris, especially if you've province and you do not have a residence permit for parking.
residential parking card is offered to the inhabitants of Paris thanks to her pay significantly less for their parking, it offers more freedom from limited to two hours of parking. If you do
want to pay for parking you will have to leave your car in the suburbs, some free zones exist here and there, and yet they are rare.
in Paris itself, there were still a few years ago some free streets but those days are definitely over.
Only between 9H and 19h on Sunday and in August there is free parking (not in all the streets in August).
To park otherwise the rest of the year you choose from parking on the street and commercial garages.
It costs 3 euros per hour in the center of Paris, you can get a ticket at the ticket machine by paying with a Moneo card or card