Paris bike, know


The bike is a very good alternative to public transportation and a great way to see Paris.
The city of Paris has for several years now a promotion of cycling to shift policy. Paris now has a network of cycle paths over 400 kilometers and has invested in a rental system for bicycles, the famous Vélib.

A few years ago Paris was not the best place to get around by bike but that has changed has changed, bicycle lanes are separated, you can take the vast bus lanes on most major boulevards.
Paris also has many banks that are perfect for cycling.
There are a few ways to Paris that are completely forbidden to cyclists, especially the Voie Georges Pompidou (the high-speed tracks along the Seine), the tunnels under the Halles and the ring road. < / p>


If you do not have a bike you can rent a Velib, many rental stations are located all around the city (over 1,200 in all).
Each station has a terminal to rent a bike and get information about the Vélib service 24 hours 7 days 24 and 7.

You can borrow a bike quickly with a Navigo pass or a single credit card for the price of a metro ticket, after 30 minutes the rental costs 1 euro per half hour.
If you do not want to pay supplement just change bike every 30 minutes by observing a two minute waiting period between loans.
(watch the last half hour supplements can be very expensive)
You can take a short or long term subscription (one day, one week, one year). For all subscription packages, a deposit of € 150 deposit is required, it is conceded that failure to return the bike after 24 hours.

Be aware that in some places find a Vélib reports to the obstacle course, especially on the right bank near Montmartre, as Montmartre to the Seine it's all downhill, people tend to take Vélib in the direction of descent.
what causes bicycle shortage in the heights of the city and Bicycle overload in the center, or from times it is very difficult to find a place to park his bike .
(good to know if the resort is full you can receive a free quarter-hour to find another station badgant your card or ticket to the terminal)
to partly solve this shortage and overflow, agents are constantly working to improve the distribution of bicycles.
Another measure, the bonus system V '+ which offers time bonus when you bring your bike in a mountain station (provided you have borrowed a station not receiving the bonus).

Finally, you may have noticed that many bikes are damaged, to facilitate the work of repairers to identify them more easily, consider returning the saddle defective bikes.

The rates of Vélib subscriptions:

  • subscription Vélib 'Classic, 29 euros for one year.
  • subscription Velib Passion, 39 euros per year. (45 minutes of free use for this formula)
  • 1 day ticket € 1.70.
  • ticket 7 days at 8 euro.

    The bike home in Paris

    Located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, the Maison du vélo is the place of rendezvous for all cyclists. You can find all relevant information on cycling in Paris (bike rental, repair, associations), learn how to fix your bike, participate in walks and more.

    Bike Rentals in Paris

    Some bike rental in Paris: