Paris in August: no need to lie, it would be better elsewhere.


The month of August is the favorite month of the Parisians? And although they will remain in Paris during the month of August, because frankly, it is not hard to find 10 reasons to hate the capital in summer. These reasons are: .

1 We are reassured as we can, does not prevent ending up in Paris in August is a bad sign: you are here, not on vacation .

2. But of course, almost all of your friends, themselves, basking on a beach somewhere. So, there's not many people to see ...

3. Oh, there's Paris Plage in August! Deckchairs in sandboxes, a dense crowd (Paris is not supposed to be empty?), No way to wet the swimsuit ... the beach, true. Depressing.

4. There is always the Parisian gardens for sunbathing. Finally frankly, find themselves in swimsuits at Parc Monceau, it's weird.

5. It's true, the subway is her almost empty. But in August, it is still stifles much heat. And then find themselves underground in good weather ...

6. Beau is a great word. If you like the regular gray and shy temperatures, aoutien climate of Paris is for you!

7. Even the local grocer and baker left in August. They are closed.

8. ride on the Sacred Heart and Saint-Michel, restaurateurs take you for a tourist! Yeah, what a Parisian doing there in the middle of August?

9. You spend so much time at the pool as chlorine etched easily pretend your tan.

10. So, you spend a tanning booth in fortune, just to not have too look bad when everyone will be back. In September. With summer behind you.