Paris autumn-winter 2015: the program not to be missed


The fall is initiated, drive to several months of cold and gray ... to change the ideas, why not organize a small Parisian trip, just to enjoy the constant bustle of the City of Light? < / p>

Paris, it is never difficult to fill his weekend, because the offer of activities, shows and cultural events is still very rich. So to help you prepare your next stay in Paris autumn-winter edition 2015, here is a small selection to compose your program:

- Theater:

Alil Vardar is no stranger to big success with his previous pieces, with favorites such as Clan of Divorced or 10 years of marriage . The comedian returns with a new piece that will be just as successful, stepfamilies , which will be played at the Great Comedy (Paris 9th). The laughs are waiting for you. To book your tickets, it's . Take you in advance. There the world!

- Exhibitions:

At the Arab World Institute, a superb exhibition Osiris mysteries Sunken Egypt , not to be missed for Egypt History lovers as for the other: all a collection of objects found during underwater excavations.

- Family:

The program is always rich in terms of exhibitions, and found some great Parisian classics again this winter at the Cité des Sciences, an exhibition for the whole family with Dog and Cats, a subject well treated who still works, and not only with the children.

- Activities:

With the cold that reigns in Paris during the winter, why not offer a hot bath? It is possible to Aquaboulevard (15th), which features water slides, wave pools, jacuzzis, water aerobics ...

- Walk / sport:

Suit up your good shoes, fill your backpacks the necessary, well probably, a rain coat, and go hiking through Paris! Choose from two paths of Great Excursion (GR) through the city, north-south (Porte de la Villette to the Porte d'Arcueil) or west (Porte Dauphine at the Golden Gate).

- Unusual:

The Museum of sewers is part of the great moments of the capital. Still unknown, this museum offers to visit Paris from the inside, and understand all of its sewage system! A course was laid dry in the galleries, to a surprising and interesting experience.