Paris fireside


5 restaurants with fireplace to feast warm

autumn, fall, fall! Always fall! And you have not finished hearing about it. Autumn is sad, the leaves fall, the flowers fade, it's cold and raining. Yes, well, it's like that every year, and all this would be better if we stopped you rehash. Then the grumpy one stops to listen, and the never happy killjoy, it puts on his coat and cap and enjoy!

Are we really doomed to depress the sofa waiting for spring? Nay! You just have to know the smell of the times and find seasonal pleasures. Mushrooms, roasted chestnuts, evenings by the fire ... Yes the fire, in central Paris, it's possible to go to the restaurant to be a wonder of autumn dinner. And regardless of its shape for summer, you can finally enjoy!

Select 5 tables to eat warm by the fireplace.

For a dinner in a homely

The Laurier is a neighborhood restaurant serving simple traditional cuisine and neat with excellent value for money. The country inn decor is very nice, the map of interesting wines, friendly and quick service and casual atmosphere. Every Thursday evening, dinner is on jazz concert background. The fireplace in the back of the hall, invites to hang out a bit after a meal by taking a gourmet coffee.

For a scrub-dinner lounge

The Villa Corsica welcomes us in a decor of warmth and luxury, its library and lounge areas, soft red velvet atmosphere. An excellent dinner prepared with local products made in Corsica, a Corsican wine myrtle not to be missed and a slightly deep pockets to pay. In the center of the debate, the fireplace brings in the Paris gloom a little beauty of the island sun.

For a dinner on the Seine

Located outside the Parisian bustle, the River Café is a restaurant on a barge, moored in Issy-Les-Moulineaux. Seine and green form the décor. refined and dynamic cuisine, decor ultra design, piano in the center of the room for a jazzy atmosphere and large oblong crackling fireplace ... Water underfoot, music and fire in the room, hard to return to Earth.

For a dinner roasting pleasure

In the heart of the Latin Quarter and just steps from the Seine, the Atelier Maitre Albert is a grill that serves market products in an atmosphere of tradition and modernity. Atmosphere dark colors, contemporary art on the walls and star attraction, the majestic fireplace carved from a solid block of stone like the castle. We watch the embers and flames, hesitating on the dishes proposed by Mr. Guy Savoy and the chief places, Emmanuel Monsallier.

For a dinner out of time

Tonight we forget everything. We leave Paris, you leave the 21st century. And we go to the Coupe-Chou. We find ourselves in an environment that cutter all in a beautiful and very old mansion nestled in one of the oldest streets in Paris. Beams, tapestries, wood paneling and no less than five fireplaces crackling, the setting is enchanting and relaxing and we enjoy a very French semi-gourmet cuisine. That's fine.


Laurier: 2, rue Pernety 75014 Paris Phone 01 45 42 79 35 - - Metro: Pernety / Plaisance / Alesia - Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM -2: 00

Villa Corsica: 2 Address: 141 avenue Malakoff 75016 Paris Tel January 40 67 18 44 - Metro: Porte Maillot / Argentina / Victor Hugo - 164, blvd de Grenelle 75015 Paris - Metro La Motte -Picquet-Grenelle / Cambronne - Tel 01 53 86 70 81 -

River Cafe: 146 Quay of the Battle of Stalingrad 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux Tel January 40 93 50 20 - - Open daily, 24:00 3:00 p.m. 19:00 11:00 p.m.

The Atelier Maitre Albert: 1 rue Maitre Albert 75005 Paris Tel January 56 81 30 01 - Metro: Maubert - Mutualité / Cluny - La Sorbonne / Cité - - Open daily except Saturday lunch and Sunday

Coupe-Chou: 9-11 Lanneau Street 75005 Paris - Tel January 46 33 68 69 - Metro: Maubert Mutualité / Cardinal Lemoine / Cluny la Sorbonne - - open every day except Sunday afternoon