Amusement parks in France

Disneyland Paris in Marne-la-Vallee, Ile-de-France

This is the urban plan of Marne-la-Vallée, which was reorganized according to the arrival of this giant among amusement parks: Disneyland Paris. This park and its universe, there is no need to present them. The Disney films, all children love, and they recall fond memories nostalgic parents of their tender years! -The attractions and shows: Disneyland break down into 5 countries, all fancier one than the other, populated by Disney characters. The attractions are many, varied and adapted to different age groups. 3D movies, roller coasters, trains, and all sorts of adventures on the agenda, as well as shows, parades, etc ... -Tickets input and stays on site: It is quite possible to spend the night on the spot, in one of the five hotels that make up the park, or in the many institutions of the immediate surroundings. In addition to the basic rates of the park, do not hesitate to check it out the promotional offers on the park site eg enchantment cost will be even better! -How to get there ? The Disneyland park is very well served by public transport. From Paris, the RER A connects the park to the center of the capital. Several buses also perform the route, including Noctiliens (night bus) for late returns. Parking spaces are provided for cars. Note also the TGV station at Disneyland Paris, connected to several major cities in France (Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, etc ...).

Parc Astérix in Oise, Picardie

Behind Disneyland Paris, Parc Astérix is ​​the second busiest in France genre. The universe of the park therefore includes the classics of comic René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo: the Gauls, whose essential Asterix and Obelix course, the Romans, the Egyptians, but especially a lot of humor ... well the same recipe that earned comics the success it is. -The attractions and shows: Parc Astérix has over thirty attractions including the classic amusement parks, coaster, roller coasters, ghost train, but also live shows featuring the heroes of comics, always in a hilarious tone. So, Parc Astérix should appeal to both children and parents who accompany them. -Tickets input and stays on site: Everything is designed to give you the possibility of organizing a complete stay at Parc Astérix: it hosts a 3 star hotel and works in partnership with most establishments close surroundings. Different options are available, stay 2 days / 2 nights Park simple day trip to view directly on the park site. -How to get there ? The park is located 30 kilometers north of Paris via the A1, count 40 minutes. Paid parking on site. Shuttles are also available from Paris, by bus, from the Louvre (metro Palais Royal). With the RER B towards Charles de Gaulle Airport 1 and 3, including a shuttle to the park.

Futuroscope Poitiers, Poitou-Charentes

A park based on the themes of technology and the future since its inception, but has experienced many difficult times ... that said, Futuroscope still exists and keeps looking towards the future. -The attractions and shows: Futuroscope offers a host of attractions heap-based 3D film major, attractions sensation, shows and interactive way. So while a program which is intended to please both children and older among us, who will enjoy the playful side of some attractions. -Tickets input and stays on site: On the Futuroscope, you will find many tour packages but also accommodation offers a simple day amusement, one day and one night, two days and one night, etc ... up to three days and two nights for fans. These packages include the entrance, the evening show and the hotel night, it remains to add the restaurant. Good prices, good deals are to be taken. -How to get there ? Futuroscope is near Poitiers. It is reached from the A10 motorway by car or train down in Poitiers train station (bus service) or directly from the Futuroscope train station (timetable).

The Puy du Fou in the Vendée

A park that does not benefit from famous figures such as Mickey Mouse or Asterix, but has managed to grow around a theme meeting a real success story! Who does not want to delve into the world of gladiators, Vikings, medieval knights or musketeers? This is what provides the Puy du Fou theme villages and its shows. -The attractions and shows: The highlight of the Puy du Fou park is its 5 shows: the Roman arena and circus games, the Viking assault on a village, the ball Ghost Birds and trained raptors, jousting knights during a tournament, the adventures of Richelieu musketeers ... several themed villages, night shows, but also flowers, nature and animals complete the package. -Ticket input and stays on site: Note first that the Puy du Fou is open from April to September only. Different tickets are valid for one or two day visit. Stays offers are also available, 2 days / 1 night, 2 days / 2 nights: the park has three hotels (which of course, each have their historical theme) to welcome

visitors. -How to get there ? Le Puy du Fou is situated in the heart of the Vendee, between La Roche-sur-Yon and Cholet on the A87 (exit 28). Free parking. By train you can get off in Angers station, which are provided shuttles to the park (on reservation).

Vulcania Auvergne

Auvergne volcanoes never stop to fascinate nature lovers in search of a living green. And to better understand the history and operation of the famous volcanoes, the idea was born to create Vulcania, halfway between scientific exhibition and amusement park. Basically, of fun, but we also learn ... why not try it? -The attractions and shows: The Great Crater, the Awakening of the Auvergne volcanoes, Magma Explorer, etc ... Vulcania offers offers a good thirty animations, shows, screenings, but also an outdoor discovery trail, all revolving around the volcanoes and the Puy chain: volcanism, geology, biology, all explained in a fun atmosphere. -Ticket input and stays on site: The Vulcania Park is open from March to November: this time, different time correspond to rates that vary (more expensive in July and August for example). Stays of offers including visiting the park and a hotel near the area are available. -How to get there ? Vulcania is located in Saint-Ours les Roches ... to help you, it is located 15 km from Clermont-Ferrand, in the heart of Auvergne! On the A89, exit Vulcania / Bromont. Better to be by car to reach the park. The nearest train station: Clermont-Ferrand .

Marineland near Antibes, on the French Riviera

As the name suggests, Marineland remains linked to nautical themes: the theme park, the biggest in the PACA region, also aimed at the preservation of aquatic species. In all, thousands of animals to discover, the most iconic orcas remain impressive, disturbing sharks and dolphin friendly. -The attractions and shows: Discovery of Antarctica and its wildlife, between polar bears and penguins, many colorful aquarium, the shark tunnel, the museum Poype for a touch of culture ... But the main attractions are their shows Marineland and '' encounters '' with sharks, orcas, sea lions and dolphins. -Ticket input and stays on site: Different formulas, day ticket, pass 2 days or booking shows and encounters with animals. On the site of Marineland, it is possible to find accommodation offers including two day visit and overnight stay. -How to get there ? By car, Marineland is located near Antibes, on the RN 7 (direction Sophia Antipolis and Marineland). Paid parking in the day by train you can get off in Biot station, close to the amusement park.

Walibi Rhône Alpes

There are two Walibi parks in France, one in Aquitaine, the other in the Rhône-Alpes. This is both an amusement park and a water park. Suddenly, the park's attractions are of thirty quite varied themes. Atmosphere very family obviously warranty. -The attractions and shows: Boomerang, Tomahawk, Skinx Tower ... Walibi Park has what it takes to thrill rides for faint of heart. Other attractions, quieter, are more intended for young children, while slides and rides will please the whole family. Cinema and concert come garnish choice in entertainment. -Ticket input and stays on site: As always, many options are available, the day ticket valid at any past year. The park does not have hotel directly, but has many partners in the area to dig accommodation, hotel, guest house, campsite ... -How to get there ? Walibi Rhône-Alpes is located between Lyons and Chambéry; to access by car, take the A43 towards Chambéry, exit Les Avenières. Paid parking in the day.

Walibi Southwest

A park that is designed on the same model as the previous, smaller still. Walibi Southwest, formerly Walibi Aquitiane, is located near Agen, more or less in Bordeaux and Toulouse, in a pleasant natural setting in the forest. In addition to its attractions, the park also houses a castle eighteenth century. -The attractions and shows: Some classics are waiting for you among the twenty amusement park Walibi: different roller coasters, rocking boat, slides and floats and many other water attractions. Among the shows include a 4D cinema and sea lions show. -Ticket input and stays on site: Tickets are valid for the day, there is also a pass valid for the year. On the website Walibi Southwest, you will find entry + accommodation offers hotel nearby. -How to get there ? By car, follow the A67, exit Agen (No. 7) and Walibi Southwest indication panels. The parking is limited. By train, get off in Agen train station; shuttle service to the park ensured in July-August.

The Cité de l'Espace in Toulouse

Of course, you will find here or roller coasters or slides, or cartoon character, but this does not mean that they are bored with the Space City, a sort of amusement park scientific theme. Fans of space exploration, young and old, are sure to pop back. -The attractions and shows: There is therefore no classic attractions, but rather interactive exhibits, interesting but also fun. Some examples: simulation orbit, IMAX 3D theater, visit the replica of the Ariane 5 rocket, full-scale, a gyro extreme to test your resistance to gravity, etc ... astronauts play like little crazy. -Ticket input and stays on site: Tickets ranging from 1 to 2 days, the prices of which vary depending on the season (low, medium and high). On the site of the Space City you will also find stays formulas including the park entrance and overnight stay. A day seems the minimum to tour attractions. -How to get there ? By car, the Space City is located 15 minutes from Toulouse. By public transport from Toulouse, 37 bus towards La Plaine.

unusual parks: small amusement parks in France

We've been around the major theme parks in France, the largest in all cases. Because in the country, are not theme parks that are missing! Unusual, original, or simply small-scale and unknown, some are worth some attention to it. A small selection: -L'Aquaboulevard: to know the pleasures of water and slides in Paris. Miniature -France: in Élancourt, a park that takes the whole of France in miniature! Many regional variations exist elsewhere in the country, including Mini-Chateaux Loire Valley in Amboise. -ok Corral western atmosphere and settling in Cuges-les-Pins in the Bouches du Rhone. -Park of Samara relive prehistory in full Picardy. -The Sand Sea: many attractions for children in the forest of Ermenonville. -The City of Marennes Oysters: he was thinking, a park whose theme revolves exclusively around oyster .