Oyster Card and transport in London


It is common knowledge that a trip to London is not cheap, as the capital of the UK is expensive: this is also true for its transport tickets, so it's time before leaving to focus on the most attractive discount card, the Oyster card.

Oyster Card (Oyster oyster means, do not ask us why the map is called like that ...) is somewhat the London equivalent of the Navigo card in Paris, a rechargeable smart card: its use however remains much freer than the latter.

You can top up your Oyster card the amount you want. If you leave London without having exhausted as placed on your card, be aware that this balance will be valid indefinitely! Another strong point is the Oyster card is not registered, you can lend or exchange it with anyone!

How does it work? The card itself will cost & pound; 3. You can then load or reload your Oyster Card at any London Underground station: applied tariffs are then patterned on your journeys actually made, and the economy on a metro ticket is immediate. In addition, children under 11 accompanied by an adult with an Oyster Card travel free!

This card is valid for all public transport in London underground and DLR (train), a sprawling network that does not have the reputation of being particularly effective, yet view the extent necessary incredible London.

Remember to validate your pass at the entrance and at the exit of each station: Heavy Fines ...

The trams but especially the mythical London buses are the most enjoyable ways to get around the British capital: red bus tours are limited to London, go green suburbs. The Oyster Card obviously gives access to the bus.

Last trick to save time before arriving in London, so get your Oyster card in advance, to avoid any tail once arrived, and immediately start your UK holiday.

Get an Oyster Card: www.visitbritaindirect.com