Ouigo: when the train starts in the low cost

Currently, the low cost, it works well. Airlines are likely to have launched in cheap flights (low and services), now is also the train that followed suit, with the new low cost branch of SNCF, Ouigo.

Ouigo first low cost train France

The first trains stamped Ouigo will be in service from 2 April 2013. Ouigo is a service created by the train , but works in parallel the offer of the company: the low cost has its own website, its clean lines, its own trains its own prices ... .

Low prices so announced from 10 euros . Rather tempting, especially when considering the current cost of a train ride! But beware, all is not so rosy in the world of low cost and to travel really cheaper, better know some players in the operation of Ouigo.

The low cost rail, manual:

with Ouigo , we find a lot of principles to which we are accustomed to learning of the low cost airlines, but not by train. Basically, it is possible to travel at very low rates, but only if we do it the right way ... supplements lurking!

& rarr; Book the tickets:

All reservations Ouigo are made online via the website www.ouigo.com or mobile company (iPhone and Android). The site is clear and well done, including a search option '' I'm flexible '' * which allows for an overall price of mink. You book, then receive an email containing the ticket to be printed. It's simple: .
Reservations are possible until 4 hours before train departure. And in any case, this is not a good idea to book a last minute Ouigo offers trips from 10 euros, certainly, but in limited numbers! Therefore, the golden rule applies: planning your trip in advance ...

* whole site employs the '' I '' irritating and condescending to speak to the user

& rarr; From Science price:

Prices range 10 to 85 euros . This is not quite the same amount! Once the cheapest tickets run out, prices go up. However, Ouigo always guarantee a lower price Full Rate Hobby TGV. children under 12 travel for 5 euros , provided they are accompanied.
Do not hesitate to book well in advance. But be careful! The Ouigo tickets are not refundable , while the exchange or change of name of the passenger are paying. Another factor to consider: Price calendar , divided into three zones, pink (the lowest price), white and blue (low prices more limited) .

& rarr; Services and supplements, features of low cost

It is important to dedicate a section to services and supplements, because the low cost comes at a price . Radius reduction Services a luggage per person allowed, more bar car, and also possible to choose a place in the train. You must print your ticket (or store via the app on your smartphone), legibly (otherwise extra!).

supplements So, are with low prices a pillar of the low cost. Key: