Where to find interesting hotel in Athens?

To make a pleasant trip to Athens, you must first select the area that has the greatest tourist attractions, as well what reservations. The traveler has the choice between different neighborhoods that offer a choice of interesting hotels. Among them, there are the districts of Plaka and Syntagma are in the historic heart of Athens, the old quarter is always lively and colorful, and located close to the Acropolis and shopping streets. It is also possible to book a hotel room in the districts of Monastiraki and Psiri, which is also close to the Acropolis but have the advantage of being quieter. Finally, many hotels are located along the sea around the Port of Piraeus.

How to find a hotel in Athens? First, there is a whole lot of hotels from which a traveler can choose. Among them, there are posh hotels that come with a great technology and benefit from a unique location. There is also the cozy hotel with multiple rooms with private balconies, situated just a few minutes of the best places in Athens.