Where to find specials / discounts train to Milan

The price of train tickets Paris - Milan go from single to double and even triple depending on the offer you choose, your status and period of your stay. Indeed, a person under 25 years old will not pay the same fare as an adult, a soldier will not pay the same price that a civilian and departing family will not pay the same rate as those who leave alone . This is to tell you that it will take time to shop around and especially where to find deals and discounts from train to Milan. If you are between 12 and 25 years, the young card will allow you to benefit from significant reduction from -25% to -60% on each trip. Cost of the card 12 - 25 years: 49 € / year. The Senior Card is for those over 60 years. It costs € 56 approximately and for enjoying -25% to -50% discount on each ticket. In addition to the different promotional offers from the train, you can find many good opportunities on the net. Here is the link it will see: http://www.kelbillet.com/ .