Where to find specials / discounts for the train in Italy


Going by train in Italy can cost you ten euros as it can get you over a hundred euros. This is up to you. This is to tell you it's essential to look for and where to find deals and discounts for the train in Italy. While the majority of the deals coupon refer to those under 25 and over 60 years, but even the other age groups can benefit reduction. Currently InterRail Italy Pass is one of the best specials for the train in Italy. It affects all age groups. This map covers the main Italian cities such as Milan, Rome, Venice and Florence. The principle is simple: you buy a card valid for 3, 4, 6 or 8 days depending on the choice and you can travel as much as you want. The availability of the card is one month. As for the rates differ according to age group: for children 4 to 11 years, rates range from 58 € to 118 €, for children under 25 years 75 € to 155 €. For 26 years + 155 € to 235 €. For more information on discounts and train fares for Italy refer to the following link: http://francais.interrailnet.com/enfr/interrail-passes / one-country-pass / Italy