Where to find specials / discounts for the train in Spain


Go to Spain by train can return much more than a plane ride if you do not bother to find promotional offers and discounts. Indeed, the train fares for Spain are far from homogeneous, they change from one company to another, from one city to another and from one period to another. Find specials and discounts for the train in Spain is very simple, you just have to know where to look. Here are some tips and tricks to find discounts for the train in Spain: Book in advance Prem's TGV tickets: this is to make it far in advance to buy your train ticket to Spain, that you lets get broken prices around € 22 ticket. TGV Prem's Last Minute SNCF offers last minutes tickets unbeatable prices. 50% discount to the principal tariff. Tickets are sold a few days before departure. Keep your eye on their website. Prem's Flash sales. Traveling at night. Buy a train ticket via the Internet. Exchanging tickets on the net purchase tickets sold by individuals on the Internet will cost you much less. It only remains to wish you a good research and good trip!