Or live Santa Claus?

This is a question that most parents had to agree to ask. Not to disappoint the dreams of our dear and tender one is sometimes willing to invent anything. These small secretive smile will make them when they grow up and we have managed to preserve a few years some of the magic of Christmas. There are many legends about Christmas, for us to carry them and customize them.

In the fireplace

One can remain classic and carry the famous legend of the fireplace. The children eagerly awaiting his descent a little tedious to come overnight deposit all the presents under the tree. We sometimes see the look a little worried about our children who wonder how he will do to get off without being burned if the fire is on.

On his sleigh

We keep preciously within oneself the image of nice Santa Claus walking on his sleigh and flying in the sky by collecting all the demands of children and doing its best to satisfy them. sometimes said that sleeping a little in his sled until the D-day ...

In the heart of every child

Children are both proud, moved and touched to know that they can carry in them a share of Santa Claus and he notices each of their good deeds. It was he who helps to be nice to their friends and think sometimes all children who do not always have the chance to receive gifts at Christmas.

In the sky

Of course the Santa Claus image retains a sacred aspect in the minds of small and even larger. We imagine willingly live in heaven with the angels and wait patiently for the day when he can come to reward the children of their good behavior.


Vision a little more down to earth it is true. But the big coat, cap and sleigh and the snow so symbolic Christmas can we consider beautiful snowy landscapes mainly found by browsing the northern regions of the globe such as Alaska or Greenland. Father Christmas is perfectly imagine that could have a house in these areas, or rather an igloo in which he amassed thousands of gifts he must deliver the Christmas night during his tour in homes around the world.