Where to stay in Font-Romeu?

There are many accommodations in Font-Romeu, extending to 3 star hotels. Among others, the Hotel le Grand Tetras for a minimum of 75 euros, the Hutopia for about 115 euros and the ski area offers cabins apartments with stunning views of the Pyrenees. As for Carlit Hotel with its outdoor pool, offers an extraordinary view on the mountains Mountainous. Sun Valley is a luxurious hotel with its relaxation area and wellness center in the heart of the resort. Residences are also in this category; Nemea Residence Les Chalets de Belvedere, the Domaine de Castella Residence with an average price of 70 euros and Odalys Mille Soleil room kitchenette and pool. The city is also home to 2 star hotels. For an average rate of € 55, there Cara Sol, Oree du Bois, the Clair Soleil, Rosemary. The restaurant of the Hôtel de la Poste is renowned for its cheese specialty. In a mountain setting, with its heated pool, Oustalet accommodate you from 55 Euros. If you are looking for a quiet wooded location, Cerdanière, a charming inn welcomes you for an average price of 35 euros. For about 400 euros per week, Clos Marie will put his kitchen at your disposal.