Where to taste a good soup in Paris?


When the cold settles back as seasonal delights. A good hot soup in a cozy setting, is not it a delightful time?

Ideally, still need to know where to go. We are known. It takes you.

Zoe Bouillon

It's cold? Not with Zoe! This soup bar in the Belleville neighborhood warms the body and taste buds. Menus that change daily, basic, original recipe and always seasonal vegetables, handmade, healthy good! Melon watermelon with green anise, ginger and leek curry delicious eggplant, tastes do not get bored and we.


Zoe Bouillon - 66, rue Rébeval 75019 Paris

Tel. 01 42 02 02 83


Metro: Pyrenees / Belleville / Buttes Chaumont

From Tuesday to Saturday 11h30-00h

Litchi Bar

Nestled in the Marché Saint Germain on Litchi Bar is a wonderfully inviting to pause while shopping. Well, not completely, because the place is also a shop, but it is mostly a soup really nice bar.

3 daily recipes that change daily, soups and fruit cocktails, all in a neat concept and decor mixed. The open kitchen allows to us to contemplate the realization of exotic recipes, inventive and, one can even say, wildly world. But always vegetarian, organic and healthy. On the menu ? Pumpkin soup, broth parsnips - paprika - lawyer, thrown tomatoes - vegetables in Beijing, to delight the taste buds in search of new products that are good.


Litchi Bar - 4 - 8 75006 Paris street Lobineau

Tel. 01 46 34 77 23

Metro: Saint Germain / Mabillon / Odeon

Tuesday - Friday 9:00 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. 20:00 Saturday 9:00 20:00 Sunday 9:00 13: 30

Pho Banh Cuon 14

So naturally, seek an Asian restaurant in the 13th arrondissement is not a complicated thing in itself. Yes, yes, but a good restaurant? Of course it exists. It goes directly to Pho 14 Vietnamese shop that serves the typical soup of the same name.

- value - unbeatable quantity and flavors that make you want and surprise in their steaming broth. Slats beef - soy - fresh herbs, dumplings - cooked and raw beef - guts. A framework without great interest and very popular address for lunch, but here the key is in the bowl.



Pho Banh Cuon 14 to 29 Avenue de Choisy 75013 Paris

Tel. 01 45 83 61 15

Metro: Tolbiac / Olympics / White House

Monday - Sunday 9:00 11:00 p.m.

The Bar soup

In the soup! In the heart of the Bastille, the front entices us with his big smile. Welcome to the soup bar, so fresh address where we enjoy lunch without feeling guilty. 6 different recipes each day classics to the most original recipes.

hot or cold soups, everything is delicious and creative, there's something for everyone, provided of course love the soup & hellip; peas, tomatoes, apples, ricotta recipe market, gazpacho or Bloody Mary vodka with his touch, all cooked with vegetables of the day and served with a smile of the mistress!


The Bar Soups - 33 rue Charonne 75011 Paris

Tel. 01 43 57 53 79


Metro: Ledru-Rollin / Bastille / Breguet Sabin

Monday - Saturday 24:00 3:00 p.m. then 18: 30, 11:00 p.m.

Shoot Shoot

Notice to seed lovers ... Yes there are, and they are even there!

Here at Shoot Shoot, this is the seed that is in the spotlight. germinated seeds or seedlings to the full of vitamins but also taste for healthy eating with pleasure. Groceries and organic canteen, Grows Grows offers cooked soups and raw with amazing flavors: the green gazpacho green apple, cucumber, avocado, lime and herbs treats in monochrome. The concept: a living power in the proper sense of the nutrient, the detox, energy and even as taste.


Rickshaw - 7 rue Notre Dame de Lorette 75009 Paris

Tel. 01 53 16 10 81


Metro: Notre-Dame-de-Lorette / St George / Le Peletier

From Tuesday to Friday 11:00 15: 30 and 16: 30-19: 30, Saturday 11:00 6:00 p.m.