Organize a culinary stay in Seville: Good to know before departure


Gourmand as you are, you would make your holiday punctuated with fine food and refined. It is quite legitimate and today, many destinations have built a tourism around the gastronomic art. A gastronomic stay in Seville is synonymous with great food.

You could go to Seville without taste the tapas. For this, nothing more simple, go to town, you will find many places more or less which serves gourmet tapas. You will enjoy what they call the bodegas or tascas, kinds of wineries or breweries and bars.

To feast on tapas at the best price, we recommend you opt for formulas "tapas combinados" offering for a price defined several combinations of tapas. Choose according to your tastes but you are advised to eat shrimp tapas garlic.

In general, the inhabitants of Seville, prefer bars to restaurants, but you can pretty much offer the charm of a restaurant and tapas. The Patio San Eloy, in addition tapas meanwhile, the best serrano ham in the country. You can also taste the little sandwiches called "montaditos".

A specialty of Seville not to miss is the serranito. It's ham with beef tenderloin or pork cooked peppers. You can also try the fried fish, the sea is a very present in local cuisine. A fresh seafood you!

The deli also has its place around a good glass of wine, to be enjoyed without moderation! During your tour of restaurants, order and taste the potatoes spiced tomato sauce, but also the very famous tortilla or paprika octopus salad, all accompanied by good cheeses. Speaking of cheese, you would be wrong not to succumb cheese pie, delicious Sevillian specialty.

If you are passing on the side of the Santa Cruz district, discover the Cafe Levies. In addition to its menu featuring over 50 local specialties, terrace offer breathtaking views of the whole city.