Organize a city break in Toulouse. The advice before


Historical heritage, architecture, art ... the pink city is an inexhaustible source of discoveries. A city break in Toulouse can be a bit just to have time to see everything but it is important not to miss the point. One of the wealth of the city is its many museums declined on all topics and all ages.

To learn more about Toulouse and its history, the ideal is to start with the Old Toulouse museum. The building that houses the museum is a part of history itself. This is a beautiful hotel built in the sixteenth century which are arranged various exhibitions dating back to the eighteenth century. Through the objects exhibited prints, history of the city and its inhabitants is traced through the centuries. Next, makes with the Holy Raymond museum dedicated to ancient times and the Middle Ages. Many objects dating from the Roman period are exhibited in a former school of the sixteenth century, built on the remains of a building dating from the twelfth century. The collection of ancient sculptures and portraits is really impressive and the necropolis where you can admire the sarcophagi dating from the Paleo-Christian era and the tomb of Bishop Saturninus.

< p> The amazing Georges Labit museum must also absolutely be visited. Indeed, incredible as it may seem, in the heart of Toulouse are one of Asia's finest collections of art and Egyptian antiquities spread over three millennia. Many countries are represented including Nepal and Tibet, India, China and Japan. Masks, armor, samurai paraphernalia, Tibetan religious objects, Buddhas, terracotta objects from China and Indian wood carvings are ente others what you can discover in this museum without forgetting the fabulous Egyptian collection with even the presence of a mummy in its sarcophagus. Do not miss the garden surrounding the building where azaleas and ferns alongside bamboo and palm trees to form a beautiful Mediterranean-Asian garden.

back into the present, or in the future, a short stop at the space City is required. You can explore the secrets of the universe and watching a movie on a big screen as a six-story building. You can even play at being an astronaut defying the laws of gravity and walk as if you were on the moon.