Organize a city break in Tokyo: some tips before departure

Tokyo, entre culture, tradition et modernité

The Japanese capital is one of the most amazing cities in the world. Architecture, scenery, monuments ... every detail is a change of scenery. There is so much to see an exhaustive list but is impossible, however, visiting some best sights one can decently say we saw Tokyo.

It should be clearly starting with Shinjuku, one of the emblematic areas of the city. It's a little concentrate all one can see in Tokyo temple, shops, department stores, restaurants and game rooms. This is also the opportunity to do a walkabout to the Japanese, in fact, the area is very busy and this whatever the time, day and night. Do not forget to say hello to the famous statue of Hachiko dog, namesake star of the movie starring Richard Gere, in front of Shibuya Station where the animal came to wait for his master every day for ten years, while his master was death. Moved by his loyalty, the Japanese have erected this monument to him in 1934.

The Asakusa area is ideal for diving into the traditional Tokyo with its temples, pagodas and market. In the shopping street, you will find many shops selling kimonos and traditional Japanese items as well as restaurants serving Japanese dishes.

It is obviously necessary to detour Akihabara by the high-tech area of ​​Tokyo. This is where you will find the latest electronic gadgets, gaming consoles and other sophisticated toys.

Odaiba, the artificial island is like a huge playground of the future. Theme Parks, shopping centers, museums, galleries and theaters rub. The most famous building on the island is undoubtedly that of a Japanese private broadcaster, Fuji TV, huge building futuristic design that can be visited. Several museums are worth a visit as the museum dedicated to robotics and space exploration or the marine science in a building shaped like a boat. If you want a traditional Japanese bath, go to the Oedo Onsen Monogatari park with its many hot springs.