Our top 5 clubs not to be missed in the city of Rennes.

Rennes is a very dynamic city are concentrated in the downtown area, including the famous "Street of Thirst" a large number of bars and nightclubs where many students but not that go to enjoy frenzied nights. Here are our top 5 night clubs where to go for a wonderful evening.

1. The Pym's

This must nightclub has three different rooms with different musical styles: hip-hop to Latin sounds through an atmosphere electro / house and R'n'B: the musical program can satisfy all tastes. The decoration of Pym's is reminiscent of a smart lounge which is conducive to a warm and friendly atmosphere.

2. The delicatessen

This nightclub is located just under the arches of stone that were in the same place there nearly six centuries, a medieval prison. His unusual place, customers of a certain standing, its refined decor blending the color red and violet as well as stone, music trendy ... Font of this place: the place not to be missed in the middle of Rennais the night.

3. Suite

This nightclub is distinguished by its lounge decor, contemporary baroque decor and the fact that it is actually an old movie theater from the 60. This unusual place offers a musical programming to please the eclectic clientele of the place and offers a particularly festive side and causing the atmosphere of the club at both levels.

4. The Batchi

This gay club Rennes belongs to this kind of club where the party atmosphere is guaranteed! The music is mostly electro, gay people invited to the party, sharing and frenzied dancing to the end of the night.

5. Mango nightclub

This box warm night in warm and bright colors invite you to enjoy African and Caribbean music in an electrifying atmosphere. The club frequently organizes events such as beach parties, showcases ....