Our tips for a beautiful motorcycle trip to India

Difficult to summarize India as adjectives are scrambling to describe; India is the country of the greatest contrasts rather than breathtaking landscapes and cultural richness as that & lsquo; human, we can retain only the misery of big cities such as campaigns and the ongoing chaos seems to reign there <. / span>

7th largest world countries, not considering any view of India in one trip so if you're the type to favor the time and meeting, here are our tips for enjoy a travel package that will change your vision of the road trip with a motorcycle trip the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh.

Step 1: you generate administrative burdens

Before validating your destination, be sure to check the validity of your passport - many countries that require expiry date is greater than 3 to 6 months your travel dates to issue the visa - and possibly made an application for renewal or the first application for biometric passport not forgetting that delays in obtaining may be especially long it will take you communicate your request documents such as a birth certificate as here < span> if you want a more streamlined approach.

Please allow 6 weeks for all of your travel documents - passport and visa. - update


Step 2: ensure health need to travel and enjoy every moment

The sanitary conditions in India are not those of the European countries and staying healthy will be a recurring target throughout your journey.

To help you, start with a thorough check-up with your doctor and update all of your vaccinations and even if it required no special vaccination for tourists from Europe.

It is thus highly recommended to be protected from hepatitis A and typhoid fever.

Your doctor will also help you build the kit of essential drugs (mosquitoes, diarrhea, food poisoning) for dealing with minor ailments of the trip and of course you have taken care to control your contract repatriation assistance.

Step 3: accept the Times of India is that of letting go


India is the sheer scale of distances as far as learning the patience with cows on the road and traffic more unpredictable.

Take your time and just go with the meetings as much as the scenery will be the key to a successful trip and a road trip to the heart of Madhya Pradesh you will address the India on smoothly as possible.

From Delhi to Jabalpur, you will cross forests and tranquil villages where you can share your meals by staying with the locals, you will go on safari on the track tigers in the Panna National Park unless you prefer the contemplation of very special sculptures of the famous archaeological site of Khajuraho.

Small farms in rich palaces and with the freedom you will go on a motorcycle, you will have the opportunity to meet the profound India.