cheap way to get to Deauville


The seaside resort of Deauville is one of the most prestigious in France. You can enjoy the sea and enjoy the boards. Deauville is also known for its casino and beautiful hotels heyday. Do not miss the palaces and the Royal Normandy. You can get to Deauville by car. To save up and travel cheap from Paris, take the A13 in the direction of Rouen and then reach Deuaville. Allow about 186 highway hm. It is also very beneficial to go by train from the Gare Saint-Lazare Paris to Deauville-Trouville. There is a direct link and a go / daily trip between the two cities. Since Deauville is located between sea and countryside, crossed by sea is also a very interesting idea to get at an affordable price at Deauville. You can choose between Brittany Ferries and P & O. do not forget air travel, which is the fastest of all and more discounts are numerous flights to Deauville