Best restaurants in France

Top restaurants of France

Gastronomy is a very important place in France. So it is not surprising to know that she was classified in 2010 by UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Each region, each department, each municipality has its own recipes and its own specialties. Let us start before too long to discover what makes France a fine dining destination.

Best Paris

Being a cosmopolitan capital, Paris gathers all specialties. French cuisine, Asian specialties through Maghreb specialties, African and Latin you can find anything. The choice is so important that we may no longer know where to turn. Here is a ranking that will let you know the best restaurants in Paris: Sola is an excellent address in Paris if you want to enjoy good French cuisine brought up to date. You will not fail to notice a slight Japanese touch in the development of recipes, which give an original touch to dishes. Besides the kitchen, Sola is among the best restaurants in Paris due to its simple décor and elegant. Its walls are stone with wooden beams and all in a beige-brown. If you plan to get there it will take an average budget of € 40-60 for lunch and 80 € at night and on weekends. Address: 12, Rue Hotel Colbert 75005 Paris - Tel: 01 43 29 59 04. The must Fouquet's is one of the best addresses in Paris if you want to offer the luxury for an evening. Here, you will come for sure a celebrity or two. It is indeed, a favorite with politicians and celebrities. This restaurant for malting pace serves traditional French cuisine. Among the signature dishes of Fouquet's golden Sole you the butter and salt, boiled potatoes, grilled beef tenderloin, potatoes corner and béarnaise sauce or supreme of organic poultry, pullet sauce. For the price it will take a minimum of € 50 main course € 30 about the entrance and just over € 15 dessert. Opting for menus and restaurant options will be cheaper than choosing the card, it's up to you! Address: 46 Avenue George V 75008 Paris - Tel 01 40 69 60 00. Caviar Kaspia is an address that will appeal to lovers of fish. Here it serves delicious smoked fish. It is among the few places that serve salmon from Norway. As input you can choose between Norwegian smoked wild salmon, crab salad and a crayfish, a smoked fish platter, a duo of caviar or salmon heart. As for the main course your choice will cover potatoes with caviar, foie gras, Iberian ham, lobster medallions or king crab. The prices of dishes range from twenty euros to more than € 150. Address: 17 Place Madeleine 75008 Paris - Tel 01 42 65 33 32.

Top restaurants in Lyon

The Lyon gastronomy is one of the most famous in France. Besides the famous gastronome and food writer Maurice Edmond Sailland had called Lyon "world capital of gastronomy". That alone speaks volumes about what awaits gourmets in Lyon. If you are one, you are about to refuel gastronomic discovery. For this here is a proposal of the best traditional restaurants in Lyon 21 on wine is a good choice if you want to taste traditional cuisine of Lyon. The chef creates traditional local recipes revisited slightly. For inputs you: snails with parsley cream, duo of foie gras and salad Landes. As for the dishes, you can order a fillet steak, risotto with mushrooms accompanied St. Jacques shells or so fish. Prices are quite affordable ranging from less than € 10 to just over € 20. Address: 21 Boulevard Eugene Deruelle 69003 Lyon - Phone: 04 78 60 June 56. Suzanne table restaurant with a family atmosphere. It serves traditional and modern cuisine at a time. Among the dishes served at the table you have Suzanne cooked foie gras served with mango jam or beef fillet with shallot confit all accompanied by a good bottle of wine, came directly from the cellar restaurant. The latter no less than 60 references. As for the decoration is very sober and subdued. Note that this restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 to 13:45 and 19:30 to 21:30. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Address: 22, rue ramparts Ainay 69002 Lyon - Tel: 04 78 37 49 83. Daniel and Denis: is a restaurant run by Joseph Viola Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2004. This is a restaurant in the very simple and authentic decoration with large wooden tables covered with checkered tablecloths, it feels like a grandmother cooking. The dishes prepared also recall the ancient flavors. It serves traditional dishes with local products. Among the dishes you: terrine walnut beef cheek in jelly with spring vegetables and capers, tomato pie and cheese with basil, tournedos confit beef chuck steak with basil and vegetables, to name a few . Address: 156 rue de Crequi 69003 Lyon - Phone: 04 78 60 66 53.

Top restaurants in Marseille

Bouillabaisse feet packets, garlic mayonnaise, anchovy paste, pistou soup. Welcome you in Marseille! Greedy or not, you can not miss these traditional recipes that are hallmarks of Marseille city. You may have eaten elsew

here, but nothing beats experience the true flavors. Here is a small selection of the best restaurants in Marseille Le Petit Nice Passedat: restaurant deceptive name is not in Nice but to Marseille. It overlooks the Corniche with a stunning view of the sea. It serves hearty cuisine such as: sea anemones, wolf longline Passédat Lucia, Breton lobster, etc. For dessert, we offer you flexibility milk Anse Hell or chocolate caramel chrysalis. Address: Anse Maldormé - J.F. Corniche Kennedy 13007 Marseille - Phone: 04 91 59 25 92. Café Vian restaurant you will discover the flavors of Provence. It serves typical regional dishes with a twist. Among the dishes you can enjoy you: plate fisherman, Burgundy snails, eggplant Parmesan, third mullet or whole duck breast. For dessert we recommend that you choose a tarte tatin or crispy Carambar. The prices of the dishes are within reach of the average budget, or 5 to 15 €. Address: 12, rue Vian 13006 Marseille - 06 64 15 41 34. Les Trois Forts is in the heart of old port, this restaurant invites you on a culinary journey. It highlights Mediterranean flavors such as lobster, chorizo, sautéed fingerling potatoes, brown juice, red partridge to the peasant or lamb tile. Question budget, it will take between 50 and 100 € for lunch during the week and between 70 € and 100 € in the evening and during the weekend. Address: 36 Boulevard Charles Livon 13007 Marseille - Phone: 04 91 15 59 56.

Kitchen Molecular

Molecular cuisine is much written in recent years. This discipline attracted over one can testify as the number of restaurants serving molecular recipes. Let's explore this semi-chemical cooking, gourmet half. Molecular cuisine was developed by two scientists: Nicholas Kurti, an English physicist Hervé This, a French physical chemist. The principle of this kitchen is to revisit the dishes and ingredients. We find for example air Roquefort, garlic shampoo, shampoo Curaçao, the emulsion of black truffle oil, water, tomato, oyster pearls, blackberry caviar -cassis etc. If the experience of taste these unusual dishes tempt you, here is a selection of restaurants in Paris specializing in molecular gastronomy: Balzac is one of the most renowned molecular restaurants in Paris. It is labeled 3 Michelin stars. Here you can taste the green tomato jelly nettle or cubes of fresh almond milk. Address: 6 Rue Balzac 75008 Paris - Tel 01 58 36 December 50. Chez Lena and Mimile also used molecular dishes such as "fondant beef cheek with foie gras and polyphenols Syrah" and various nitrogen-cooked meals. Its decoration reminds old Parisian bistros. In summer you can put yourself on the terrace, ideal for enjoying the sun when it is there. Address: 32 Rue Tournefort 75005 Paris - Tel 01 47 07 72 47. Those who want to try molecular cuisine can attend the workshops held at the Palais de la Découverte. We will teach you to make pea sorbet cube and liquid air. Address: Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt 75008 Paris - Tel 01 56 43 20 20.

Top restaurants in Nice

The dishes are made from Nice between land and sea if you do not know the cuisine of Nice that the salad nicoise enjoy your break to discover other typical dishes such as:. A socca chickpea flour pancake, pissaladière a savory pie made of anchovies, onion and olive oil, fried zucchini flowers, gnocchi, stuffed the Nice, ratatouille, chard pie, soup, pesto, etc. . Nice to enjoy these traditional dishes, you can visit the Old Town and choose a random address or rely on our selection of the best restaurants in Nice: The Union is a nice address within Borriglione neighborhood. This restaurant serves typical local cuisine such as gnocchi and truffle sauce coppa, beef casserole. The prices of the dishes are quite affordable ranging from less than € 10 to € 15 approximately. Address: 1, rue Michelet 06100 Nice - Phone: 04 93 84 65 27. Rendezvous des Amis is ideal for a gourmet break. It offers traditional dishes that the chef has returned to the agenda. In addition to its delicious cuisine, this restaurant was selected because of its design and its location on the hills above Nice. You have the choice of sitting down you inside or in the garden among the trees. For the price it will take 15-40 € lunch menu during the week and € 25-40 in the evening and during the weekend. Address: 176 Rimiez Avenue 06100 Nice - Phone: 04 93 84 49 66. The Other Instant is a restaurant that serves dishes with Provençal touches such as prawn tails coulis passion fruit, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, soy sauce and basmati rice or Lamb Mouse thyme. The stylish decor adds even more charm to this restaurant. His prices are more affordable, count 15 € about the menu at lunch during the week and 20 € at night and during the weekend. Address: 1, rue Dalpozzo 06000 Nice - Tel: 04 93 87 September 82.

Top restaurants of France

France is a benchmark in terms of gastronomy, it is well known the French like to eat well and give much importance to what they put on their plates. If you want to offer a culinary journey here are some suggestions of the best restaurants of France: L'Astrance in Paris is a very intimate restaurant, it serves only 25 seats, one would almost think home. The cuisine serves traditional and inventive dishes at once, such as when marinated foie verjuice, painted eggplant miso, curry black, etc. Address: 4, rue Beethoven 75016 Paris - Tel 01 40 50 84 40. Michel Bras is a family restaurant located in Laguiole. He is well known for its gargouillous vegetables and chocolate sauce. Do not forget to try these dishes. In addition to its hearty cuisine Michel Bras also charm by its decoration and its location in the midst of the trees. Address: Route Aubrac 12210 Laguiole - Tel 05 65 51 18 20. Maison Lameloise welcomes guests in the heart of Burgundy and more specifically in Chagny. It serves hearty cuisine from the region. Among the star dishes you: Bresse chicken, foie gras and carabinieros, red mullet golden Charolais beef, lobster, snails Nearly Fountains and duck foie gras. dishes Prices range from 40 to more than 70 €. Address: 36 Place d'Armes 71150 Chagny - Phone: 03 85 87 65 65.

French Great leaders

The great leaders are to gastronomy what the creators are for fashion. They invent, innovate, try new tastes for the pleasures of gourmets we are. This selection will allow you to become more familiar with the great French chefs: Marc Veyrat: if the name means nothing to you, you probably know the man in the black hat. He starred twice, three Michelin stars. The food critic Christian Millau gave it a rating of 20/20 and has labeled best cook. The herbarium-chef Marc Veyrat has specialized in herbs and wildflowers. His dishes are prepared with flour or butter but of plants gathered in the mountains. This personal touch made all his fame and difference. Among the signature dishes of chef Marc Veyrat is retained: white asparagus juice of wild asparagus, rack of lamb with thyme, five foolish salads meadows and bream in salt with yarrow. If you want to savor the dishes, go to the gourmet restaurant La Maison de Marc Veyrat (13, Old Route Pensières 74290 Veyrier-du-Lac - Phone: 04 50 09 97 49). Paul Bocuse was elected Chef of the Century by the Gault Millau restaurant critic. It boasts 3 Michelin stars. If you want to discover the gastronomic universe hold out this address: Auberge du Pont 40 Rue de la Plage 69660 Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or - Phone: 04 72 42 90 90. If you do not know what to order, try the soup truffles, Maine lobster salad with French Saint-Jacques nut shells in white butter and apple soufflé or crayfish swim in Pouilly-Fuissé and you will give us the news. Georges Blanc is one of the great leaders. It has a 3 Michelin stars and 4 toques by Gault Millau. This masterpiece comes from a family cook, her grandmother is nothing more known Elisa White White Mother. These dishes are retained: Bresse cream "salt and pepper" to the pulp of black garlic in seawater, chartreuse meal at the Royal Osetra caviar, foie gras spices bark duck or chutney pear-cardamom tomato, confi pink grapefruit. For taste appointment: Market Square Vonnas 01540 - Phone: 04 74 50 90 90.

Best Italian Restaurants in Paris

Looking for an Italian touch in Paris? What better than a good pasta to find the taste of Italia? Failing to go to Italy is Italy that comes to you and invite in your dishes, for that here is a selection of the best Italian restaurants in Paris: Casa Luca is an ideal place for brunch Italian. If you've ever been to Italy you will not fail to notice that the Casa Luca is conceived in a spirit of trattoria. As appetizers you can order a Pizzetta Margherita, a pizzetta Bianca Mozzarella Di Bufala con pomodori pachino or salami d'Italia for the first courses you have a choice of potato gnocchi alla di sorrentina, ravioli di ricotta alla prosciutto crudo cardinal, ham, mushrooms and cream, Cannelloni alla bolognese to name a few. As secondi piatti di manzo you Tagliata e rucola, Scaloppine di vitello al limone. And finally to the dolce you coffee pannacotta red fruits, strawberries Gariguette sugar, mascarpone French toast, red fruits, vanilla ice cream, etc. Address: 82 Avenue Marceau 75008 Paris - Tel 01 82 28 77 37. Nonna Ines In this restaurant it's like in Northern Italy. The food, the decor, the spirit of the house remind the Italian north and specifically Tuscany. It serves a good grandmother's kitchen with a subtle twist. Among the dishes you: Fantasia della Nonna, antipasto misto del nonno, crostone tapenade, traditional veal cutlet Milanese, tagliata beef, etc. The restaurant serves only 20 seats so book before you go. Address: 1, rue de Paris 75005 Crossbow - Tel 01 43 37 23 72. The Pulcinella could not not be part of the best Italian restaurants in Paris. Here we eat like we were in Italy. This is a great place to eat a good Italian pizza as it should. Do not wait until it brings you the card, there is not one, there by against a slate which is mentioned the dish of the day, if it is not user friendly that! Address: 17 rue Danrémont 75018 Paris - Tel 01 46 06 46 94.

unusual restaurants in Paris

You want out of the ordinary on your next restaurant night? It is not lack of choice in Paris. There is also many unusual addresses as each other, among them: In the dark: as the name implies the principle of this restaurant is to eat in the dark. The goal is to eliminate the aesthetic and focus on taste and flavors. The restaurant grows its originality after ensuring the service by a blind staff, they will guide you to install you and help you choose. So close your eyes and appetite. Address: 51, rue Quincampoix 75004 Paris - Tel 01 42 77 98 04. In Menelik we forget good manners and eat with your fingers. It brings a great dish that we share together. Usability is at its height. Among the dishes you azifa (green lentil dish), tomato carpaccio, Kitfo and assortment of traditional dishes. Address: 4 Rue Sauffroy 75017 Paris - Tel 01 46 27 00 82. Coco de Mer in this restaurant would swear to be on a desert island. We eat with both feet in the sand. If it is not wonderful that! The decoration, the heat of the sand under your feet, palm trees here and there give a holiday atmosphere to your evening. Dishes also want exotic: cod agras rougail, chicken in coconut and turmeric, mango mousse, Chile shrimp, etc. Address: 34 Boulevard Saint Marcel, 75005 Paris - Tel 06 81 57 29 29.

Best starred restaurants in France

If you want to be sure to eat well and avoid any unpleasant surprises in your dishes, opt for the best restaurants. For those who do not know it yet, the stars in the Michelin Guide is a kind of reward attributed to the finest gourmet establishments and chefs. Check out these few proposals starred restaurants in France L'Auberge du Pont de Collonges: the restaurant of the famous chef Paul Bocuse, Three Michelin stars. It offers gourmet French cuisine. These fetishes dishes are retained: Dodin duck old pistachio and foie gras house, soup with black truffles VGE, Wolf flaky crust, sauce Choron, pike quenelles with crayfish in Nantua sauce, Bresse chicken fricassee cream and morels, etc. The Auberge de l'Ill is a 3 star restaurant. It is run by the Haeberlin family for over half a century. The restaurant serves traditional Alsatian cuisine as: terrine of goose liver, Royal peas in French, lobster stew with fresh morels, nougat turbot in citrus crust, etc. Bristol is a 3 Michelin stars. Its chef is Eric Fréchon. You can taste fried frog legs with tandoori spices, stuffed macaroni with black truffle, artichoke and duck foie gras, white asparagus, pea foam, etc. The food prices range from 80 € to over 200 €. Address: 112 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris - Tel 01 45 74 68 59.

The best French recipes

French gastronomy is the most famous in the world, it is defined as "modern benchmark for large kitchen." It was nice upgrade, beautiful revisit French cuisine has not lost its authenticity. If you want to enjoy typical French dishes here are a few suggestions: The fondue: it is one of the favorite dishes of French gastronomy. This dish is prepared with cheese and slice of bread. fondue is prepared from Swiss cheese of Savoy, the County, Beaufort or Emmental de Savoie. It may be added to the preparation if desired white wine. If you are in Marseille do not forget to try the bouillabaisse. This is a fish soup that is served with small slices of garlic bread. If you want to do as Marseille accompany this dish rosé. The Socco is a Nicoise specialty chickpea flour. It begins eat preferably hot, right out of the oven. Go to the old town, there are several places that offer delicious Souks. Bon voyage and bon appétit!