Best time to visit Strasbourg


If you want to spend a few days in Strasbourg, opt for a start in the fall. You certainly will not be disappointed! Book your flight to late November or early December.

An opportunity to discover the legendary Christmas market in the city. Every day, between 10 am and 20 pm, the market of the Child Jesus welcomes you. You will find the ideas of the most original gift. The secret behind the beautiful bright windows in the melodious Christmas carols. Discover the nightlife of Strasbourg during preparations for Christmas and discover unusual gadgets to decorate your Christmas tree.

Place Broglie to that of Notre Dame de Strasbourg, you will find everything! Chocolates, sweets and even bottles of mulled wine. Do not miss contemplating the gigantic tree of the city, this wonder floats majestically in the heart of Place Kléber. Christmas in Strasbourg is also the musical festivities. A moment not to be missed, you will not have the opportunity to see elsewhere. In the streets, in churches, on the big squares. wherever you go, people are partying, dance, sing and whoop.

Another chance for you to finally know the deepest secrets of traditional country. It is also an opportunity to taste the culinary delights of the region, hot chestnuts to Bredles. A unique flavor, which even the least greedy, can not resist. where you'll be, share these moments with your lover, your friends or your family. More on: