Maissin: just to book your vacation rentals

La Belgique

Maissin, a Luxembourg province town in Belgium, is a place not to be missed once in the country. For this, it will prepare a budget of 350 € to 600 € per week for a vacation rental. A wide range of housing types will be available, such as caravans, farms, cottages, apartments, cottages or houses or holiday apartments. You only have to choose according to your needs and your holiday budget. You can for example live in a seasonal rental house from 1000 € the week, some located in the heart of the book village of Redu. Also in this village, there are farms 200 years appointed in vacation rentals, with modern interior while they are architectural buildings. There are also houses in the countryside from € 200 per week in the village of Porcheresse, near Daverdisse.