Madrid by night. Advice for a pleasant evening


Madrid is the city of the 1000 folly. We never tire of all the attractions it offers. During the day you can enjoy the charm of Madrid and discover its typical architecture and evening, the city is adorned with incredible magic. Indeed, the party seems one of the main occupations of Madrid. Once the tip of your nose in the street, you will understand that everything is oriented only for fun and festivities. Hundreds of bars and clubs are open until morning. We suggest you start your evening in a tapas bar, you could not go to Madrid without having succumbed to this Spanish fashion snacking! tapas and Spanish wine at will, nothing better to start your evening.

Book for an evening walk to walk. Check with the tourist office and discover this original concept. Under the guidance of a gastronomic guide, you will visit the best places in Madrid and you can sample regional specialties. Now that you are seated for the evening, tackling the serious stuff: the fiesta! And Madrid, the festival is known to do!

The evenings begin at 22 hours for bars, about the clubs, there is no need to get there before midnight. You will have plenty of time you wiggle and partying, because the bar closed around 2 am on weekdays and 3 am on weekends.

If you prefer a well organized evening and blues rock look, Madrid will also satisfy you and delight you. Two places Heineken Room (C / Princesa, 1 - Tel: +34 915 47 57 11) and the box (Calle Tetuán 27 - Tel: +34 915 229 620). Remember to book in advance, these two addresses displayed complete convent.