Lyon by night. These places open at night in Lyon


For the night owls Lyon or just in case of a small desire of late to dinner, have a drink or extend a good evening, discover the Lyon who quickly at night. several useful services There is also available very late or even all night as some pharmacies, for example.

Restaurant at P'tit Zinc

Located in the 5th district of Lyon, this charming restaurant is both welcoming and very convenient. Not only because of the great food, the dishes are generous and inexpensive, but it also does not put customers off after 23 hours. It is indeed open daily until 2 hours of morning.

Pizza Pino, pizza Italian night

No need to run out to a show and come face to face with closed doors. You will find all the ambiance of authentic Italian cuisine in this pizzeria 2nd arrondissement of Paris Bellecour and welcomes you until 3 in the morning.

The Café Sevilla

Spain is at your door in this cafe specializes in Spanish tapas, mojitos, sangria and other little surprises. But most of them still its very flexible schedules to very late opening. It is located in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon. You last longer need to hurry.

Street vendors

Aside from restaurants, cafes and bars open late in Lyon can easily nibble at will until at least 5 am through numerous street vendors are stationed at almost every bridge Presqu Island.


There are, such as Barbarossa, many bars of all kinds open at night in Lyon. This student bar 1st arrondissement of Lyon welcomes you for a drink and meet friends or make new friends until 3 in the morning.

Pharmacy open the night

Apart from the duty pharmacies that can be found by visiting the official list for Lyon, we can at any time get a drug to Great Lyonnaise pharmacy, open 24 hours on 24 and 22 located in Rue Republic in the 2nd district.

Clock Pharmacy

Pharmacy Lyon is also available to the public permanently. It is located in Tassin, 14 Vauboin instead.