Moon honey ... these unique trips. Top 10 Destinations

A honeymoon usually starts a few days after the wedding ceremony, the trip usually lasts about two weeks but can be well on longer if you want.

Most agencies travel, hotels and cruise ships offer packages 'honeymoon', usually it comes to living offering extras like massages, 'welfare' bottles of champagne, charming rooms ...

These trips are not cheap and are banking on the fact that during a honeymoon we do not look at the expense. Some agencies allow guests to make direct donations to fund the honeymoon.

To get the price of your trip, you can make a free quote request directly on the website of the specialized agencies.

in a resort that specializes in honeymoons you'll be less likely to find yourself in the middle of families with young children, private side, peaceful and romantic is preferred. < / p>

the most popular choice for honeymooners include islands and cruises paradise and far away places. ! Bon voyage

The most popular destinations are:

-Santorin, Mykonos, Crete, Greece in general

-The Niagara Falls,. New York / Ontario

-Bali, Indonesia


-The Jamaica.

-The Mexico.

-The West Indies.

-The French Polynesia.


-The United States.


-Costa Rica

-France (Paris especially for foreigners).

-The Maldives. < p> -The Fiji.