Rent a holiday apartment in major European capitals.

London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid or Rome ... ever major European capitals will have been as accessible as today. The cost of living varies from one city to another: some have a very expensive hotel offer, others on the contrary are more accessible for smaller budgets. All however have a type of accommodation that is increasingly emulated: renting holiday apartments .

Linked increasingly to each other, the major European capitals as more open to tourism in its various forms. Between regular flights, low cost flights that lower prices, rail networks linking such and such capital by train, the travel facilities open new possibilities of stay.

Because there are many ways to '' deal '' to the discovery of a capital city, a place that always full of surprises, different neighborhoods, different atmospheres, cultural visits or good addresses to find. The most common is the city break, from 2-3 days, the time of a weekend, for example, using a low cost flight to London, Barcelona or Vienne . A little short in time certainly, but intense stay that nothing prevents to reproduce if the mood takes us to deepen the visit! Others will opt for a more immersive formula, living lengthwise with straightforward installation in the city of his choice. This requires to be free to move. Rent an apartment with HouseTrip Barcelona will get back to you within 60 € per night

Quick Stay or leave for several months, the issue of housing plays a major role in the organization of a stay. Hotels, hostels or B & B, these accommodations are pleasant and practical, but do not offer the sense of '' resident '' there. Renting a holiday apartment on the other hand, has the opposite effect: you are completely autonomous !

And it shows the quality of business as in the travel budget. Choose a nice and central area, making it even easier travel, and taking you to a real London, Madrid or Berlin! Similarly, an apartment offers the opportunity to cook for yourself, which is not negligible savings on restaurants, shopping markets, specialty shops and even supermarket shelves ...

Some will argue that it is more difficult to find an apartment than a hotel room. Certainly, the offer is lower if one is demanding, but the Internet offers many opportunities. To find a holiday apartment, just a search online to find sites that specialize in renting short or long term apartments, where the booking procedure is secure to avoid any scam.

For your next trip to a European capital , do not hesitate to change accommodation, enjoy immersing a holiday apartment