London quasi-free destination for children


London is a city visited by Europeans for its cultural aspect and authentic atmosphere. Young and old will easily find their happiness in this city where culture and festive nightlife combine to give an original mixture.

London offers a multitude of offers in order to take advantage children almost free. No need to ruin to see smiles appear on the faces of your children, London is an almost free destination for children

Free transport for children.: in the city of London, the children travel free or pay reduced rates. Think ahead to bring the children a little older of Oyster photocard to take advantage of free transportation. In order to have the most detailed formulas, Transport for London official website explains the steps to follow. For transport in metro and trains Docklands Light Railway, children under 5 years are welcome for free. This free transport also includes buses and trams as they are, of course accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. Between 5 and 11 years, children borrow free buses and trams during all hours of the day, on subways and trains Docklands Light Railway, they can enjoy free until 9.30am Monday to Friday, if not all the day on weekends and holidays. The only condition is obviously accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. An adult can accompany a maximum of five children

Free meals for children. Apart from transport, London even offers free meals for children. Some restaurants offer free meals for children accompanying their parents. free food formulas are constantly changing and differ from one restaurant to another. You can easily find the latest special offers on the Internet in order to be well informed

Free activities for children. London is known for its museums and art galleries. Its cultural weight is known worldwide and in order to benefit a maximum of person these moments of culture, free entrance to many London sites. Take for example the Museum of Science of London, the National History Museum or the Museum of childhood, all totally free for children.

London is a quasi-free destination for children, so enjoy in because you do not need to break the bank to please your children and make them spend an entire day in London cheaply.