London: culinary


mockery topic for very long years, the kitchen would not be a sore point for all French from England. The traditional English food can be delicious show, but as everywhere, everything is related to the talents of your host cooking! & # 13; The gastronomic revival happened just a few years by gastro pubs and renowned chefs forced critics to seriously review their copy. The culinary variety is still very large in Britain and shows the success of ethnic integration initiated by the country.

The real English cuisine, you discover the family. Despite a huge consumption of cheap frozen, the English often prefer to treat dishes. Their meals are reflected for example by prepared meat casseroles and two boiled vegetables, with a predilection for strange green peas and cabbage (cabbage), washed down with meat sauce or gravy. This menu is sometimes preceded by an appetizer (soup) and followed by a dessert cooked. We recommend the trifle, a kind of diplomat, or the delicious apple pie, carrot cake ... The dessert is eaten more often with hot custard (cream ... so British!), Ice cream or whipped cream . Since the outbreak of mad cow, the famous multicolored jelly suffering from lead in the wing. Ah! we would omit the cheesecake. & # 13; There are restaurants in which finally is sustained not too bad, but expensive. Better to give a chance to the famous gastro born hybrid institutions the desire to keep the atmosphere so rich and friendly pubs offering a more elaborate cuisine. The big trend of new restaurants refers to the Mediterranean and Asian influences. & # 13; noon, to taste healthy food in a nice atmosphere while eating English food, a solution: the pubs and traditional pub grub, not bad at all!

Virtually every offer, between 12 and 14:30, unique dishes, very good and affordable.

Note also the famous fish & chips, which offer to snack on the go for really expensive.