Rent a car in Barcelona: pros and cons


Barcelona is a huge city that is home to several interesting places to visit. It makes sense to find an optimal solution for transportation in the city. Need to rent a car depend on the nature of the stay and places to visit.

In fact, for a family, especially with children, renting a car is necessary, this allows you to visit the suburbs of Barcelona and its beaches as Baladona. This city has beautiful beaches and an archaeological site novel. A car is also useful if there is no subway stations near your hotel and it is located far from the city center.

The rental price of a car in Barcelona is about 30 euros for economy cars. The price drops to 20 euros in promotions. Car rental solution can thus be economical for a family or group of friends. In addition, it offers more flexibility over fixed routes buses and metro.

The traffic in central Barcelona is not very fluid, especially during peak hours. Move over a short distance can be time consuming. Streets like Las Ramblas are avoided for motorists. The car use is generally not recommended and metro and tram or even bicycles are preferable. In addition, a considerable number of bicycle and scooter occupies the roads, something that requires extreme care when driving. Especially, many streets are one-way and even one risks getting lost with a map of the city.

The parking lots are everywhere in Barcelona, ​​but the prices are exorbitant. Indeed, one hour of parking costs 3 euros and charges for a whole day can reach 35 euros. In high season and during the week, it is not very hollowing to find a free space in a car park in Barcelona.

It is necessary to recall that the rental companies in Spain require a length of license of 1 to 2 years. The driver must be at least 21 and have a credit card.