The stunning landscape of Kuala Lumpur

In search of an unusual holiday, opt for exploring the beautiful landscapes of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The only place in the world where you can enjoy every minute of your trip, morning or evening, alone or in families. Unable to visit the city without you look at the Petronas Twin Towers. The highest buildings in the world whose length exceeds 450 meters. From up there, you have an exceptional view across Kuala Lumpur. Once back down, take the path of the Museum Negara. A unique opportunity to discover the history of Malaysia. Between three floors, ethnology, traditional costume through the Malaysian arms and traditions of the Malaysian wedding.

On the way to the mall "Suria KLCC" 140,000 m² dedicated to lovers of shopping where you can find the biggest brands to small gadgets memories. In Kuala Lumpur, a splendid architectural heritage awaits you, in addition to beautiful nature. Do not miss another landscape of the city, Jungle "Bukit Nanas". Prepare your camera, you will have dozens of photos to take the heart of this magical rain forest, in the midst of exotic flora and fauna and under the melodious song of the different species of birds.

Between Merantis the Keruings and Chengals, open well the eye. You may come across the way, a silvery langur, a long-tailed macaques, or even a squirrel lost in nature. Remember, you can even make a campsite on site if you wish. So what are you waiting to book a ticket? More on: