The most original of the Paris metro stations ... in pictures


The Paris Metro, for most users, this is the white tiles designed by Hector Guimard and blue signage recognizable. But some stand out with special decoration. Back in pictures on the most beautiful resorts and original network.

Louvre-Rivoli (line 1)

at the Louvre-Rivoli station, a taste of the works presented at the famous Parisian museum: reproduction of antique objects, paintings, sculptures. ..

Li├Ęge (line 13)

in Liege, a tourist campaign to promote the charms of the Belgian town: traveling through these few landscapes of Liege and the surrounding painted on ceramic tiles .

Cluny-La Sorbonne (line 10)

Find on the roof of the Cluny-La Sorbonne station splendid mosaics and the signatures of the great authors who have left their presence in the Latin Quarter .

Arts and crafts (line 11)

Copper plates, and gilding and portholes present on platforms give you the impression of entering the submarine Nautilus in Jules Verne depicted .

Parmentier (line 3)

The trellis green bottle Parmentier resembles a basket housewife! On the docks, display cases that trace the history of the potato.

Concorde (line 12)

Welcome in the middle of a giant Scrabble: all tile tiled docks Concorde station are adorned with a letter and form the text of the Declaration of Rights man and citizen of 1789.

New Bridge La Monnaie (line 7)

Gold coins and giant silver dot the walls and vaulted ceiling of the station Pont Neuf, in tribute to the Hotel de la Monnaie, located a few meters from the metro.

Cadet (line 7)

An American theme to Cadet station: red seats blue and white and a mosaic depicting a horseman in the War of Independence to-states States.

National Assembly (line 12)

No fixed decoration for the National Assembly station but friezes renewed periodically. Here, the portraits of six French presidents for the fiftieth anniversary of the Fifth Republic.

Bastille (line 1)

On air platforms of the Bastille, the revolutionary past of the neighborhood is recalled with a ceramic mural that recounts the great moments of the insurrection of 1789 .